Looking for a Top Digital Cameras under 300 dollars?

The year 2012 will see more people investing in digital cameras. The reasons are multiple. When you think about the ease of use of most point-and-shoot cameras, combined with HD video filming, it is not surprising to see that they are one of the most purchased consumer electronics.

What has also been fueling the rise of digital cameras is the price. Prices continue to fall and technology continues to improve. That is why it is now possible to find great digital cameras at affordable prices for as little as $300 in 2012. You can check out the following list.

Pentax Optio RZ-18 16 MP Digital Camera

Most digital cameras come in predictable colors like black and silver. What about a nice little orange camera? That is what you get with this Pentax 18x optical zoom appliance.Best Digital Cameras under $300Credit: Amazon

The 18 MP sensor will capture great images giving your crisp results. It also comes with an image stabilizer.Those who have had experiences with blurred photos will appreciate this feature. It comes with wide angle 25-240mm zoom capacity for landscape and for taking portraits.

The menu provides easy to use presets for getting the best out of your camera regardless of the context in which you are taking your photos. This device is available for purchase for $250 at most major retailers.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 520 HS

This range of PowerShot camera from Canon will give you interesting colors to choose from. The series come in blues, red, silver, black and more. This is good for those who want to color-match their camera with their hair.Best Cameras under $300 for 2012Credit: Amazon

There are other reasons to invest in this electronic device. For example, it comes with 12x optical zoom, image stabilizer and 28mm wide angle lens. You also get menu presets to make your life easier. You can choose the following presets amongst others, low light, portrait, underwater, snow, fireworks, monochrome, etc. This is great for those who just want to point-and-shoot without wasting too much time with the inner workings of the camera.

The box comes with starter guide, writ strap, charger and more accessories to complete your digital experience. Last but not least, it will cost you about $299 to buy.

Olympus SZ-30MR 16 MP Digital camera

What do you say to an affordable digital camera that gives you more than 20x optical zoom? This great looking camera from Olympus is just what you need. You get an amazing 24x wide option zoom which will be a lot of funBest Digital Cameras under three hundred dollars for those addicted to zooming. It also comes with a stylish pop-up flash. You get full HD and  video recording attributes.

The price for all these top features will be one of the best selling points. It will cost you $280 at Porta Gadgets. You need to bear in mind that shipping is often not included when you are getting the device for an affordable price.


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This gives you a  few more options and as you will see,  Amazon has many cameras in the three hundred dollars price range.