Digital Voice Recorders

Using a digital voice recorder is one of the best ways to take notes in high school and college. Buying a digital voice recorder is also just a really good electronic item to have around so that you can keep track of your thoughts, to- do lists, honey-do lists, shopping lists, and other things that you might want to remember on the spot. Writers are folks who should have digital voice recorders or handheld tape recorders because there is always another story or article idea that needs to be captured. There is a wide price gap with the digital voice recorders. If you are a college student then these are classroom supplies that are helpful, if you are returning to school or buying first year supplies.

With the digital recorder price gap, on the low end there are a hand full of voice recorders that are under $50 and then it seems like the price range is over $100. There are a few different digital voice recorder brands that are for sale under $50. The same brands have higher end, more expensive USB digital voice recorders as well. This list of the best digital voice recorders under $50 is for students budgeting classroom supplies as well as others who want a good voice recorder, but have a limited digital voice recorder budget.

Best Digital Recorders Under $50

There are two major brands that come to mind when you are buying digital voice recorders: Sony and Olympus. Both of these companies have several different types of digital voice recorders through the price ranges. Here is the list of the best digital recorders under $50:

1. Coby CXR123 Micro Cassette Voice Recorder - The Coby is approximately $21.00. It is a small, black handheld tape recorder. With this you have to make sure that you have the little micro cassettes with you so that you can change out your tapes when they are full.

2. Olympus VN-5000 Digital Voice Recorder (Refurbished) - $26.49 - This Olympus VN-5000 records for 300 hours in a row. It is a great small, cheap voice recorder to use in college. It is not much longer than a pen, so it could be easily hidden or at least not an obnoxious device. This digital voice recorder under $50 is often seen rated with 4 out of 5 stars on Overstock.

3. Olympus 300-hour PC Link Digital Voice Recorder (Refurbished) - $29.99 - The listed price on this is much lower than the original price. This is also a 300 hour digital voice recorder. As the name suggests this voice recorder has a PC link to your computer. Finding a cheap digital voice recorder under $50 that links to your computer is a bargain. It runs on two AAA batteries and has a USB cord for transferring data from the voice recorder to your computer. For a digital voice recorder under $50 this does a lot, especially because it is a USB digital voice recorder so there is more you can do with this one than the Coby micro cassette recorder. This has 512MB memory.

4. Coby CXR190 1GB Digital Voice Recorder - $38 - $45 - The price on this depends on where you buy it at although the list price is still a digital voice recorder under $50. With this digital voice recorder you can transfer the lectures or other recordings to your laptop or home computer. When you get into the voice recorders that can transfer information to the computer then it is time to start looking at memory size. This is a 1GB which will give you plenty of recording time, a little under 300 hours depending on the quality setting. With this digital voice recorder there is an outlet for a microphone or for headphones, so you can listen to your notes. It also has a speaker on it. Good classroom recorder.

5. Audiovox VR5230 2GB Digital Voice Recorder - $40.00 - The Audiovox or RCA digital voice recorder has a microphone and will also transfer the data that is recorded to your computer. It has a 5 star rating on Overstock. This is a normal sized digital voice recorder that has an LCD display.

6. Sony ICD-UX71 Digital Voice Recorder with 1GB Flash Memory - $50 - This Sony digital recorder slides in right under $50 by a few pennies, so it is marked as $50. It has 287 hours of recording time and also transfers to your computer.

7. Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (VCN 6200PC) - $44 - This is the current list price at Amazon. That is $15 less than the normal price. This Olympus digital voice recorder under $50 is a popular one. It is listed as Amazon's #2 best selling digital voice recorder electronic devise. The recording time is 444 hours. It has a big LCD screen and can also transfer data to your computer. This is a voice activated digital voice recorder. The voice activation feature helps extend battery life because it does not just sit and record forever, only when it is voice activated.

Buying Tips for Digital Recorders Under $50

For those who are going to use the digital voice recorders that transfer to a laptop computer through a USB cord, it is important to keep in mind that those recordings will soon take up quite a bit of space. It is nothing to worry about in the beginning, especially if your system is fine, but just keep this in mind. Getting a digital voice recorder under $50 that connects and transfers your information is a good deal. The more expensive that the voice recorders get, the more complicated they get. Using something simple and easy on the budget is a good idea.

This list of digital voice recorders under $50 is not exhaustive. If you want to save money buying the best digital voice recorder under $50 then it is going to require you to shop at certain stores. One good store is They have a lot of good sales and usually carry some refurbished items, anywhere from refurbished laptops to refurbished cameras, all in great condition. Another store that has a couple of these digital voice recorders is Target. They only carry a couple of digital voice recorders, but they have the Olympus recorders. You can also shop through Amazon. They have a great supply of digital voice recorders and they also have other people's reviews of them, so you can see how someone else liked it. Buying digital voice recorders refurbished is a great money saving idea.

Whether you are buying a digital voice recorder for school, work, or fun, it is always great to get a good deal on something. When you see that mp3 players or your smartphone have voice recording capabilities, they do. The problem with them as voice recording devices is that they only record for short periods of time, maybe 15 minutes, so it you need it for longer then you need a voice recorder.

If you are a student that has a disability or otherwise has trouble capturing everything that the instructor says, then you may qualify for college classroom accommodations, or an IEP in high school. Through this program you can usually borrow a voice recorder.

Getting one of the best digital voice recorder under $50 makes a great birthday, Christmas, or other holiday gift. Voice recorders are one of those items that people want, but do not necessarily buy for themselves. Giving one as a gift is a nice gesture. Enjoy your digital voice recorders.