Digitech makes a wide variety of stomp box pedals as well as guitar signal processors for your guitar. In this article we’ll examine some of their stomp boxes you can get for your instrument to improve your sound. A good pedal can improve the sound of a low quality amplifier which many beginner guitar players have. You can experiment with your pedals and develop a signature sound or try to recreate the sounds of your favorite artists.

Digitech DDM Death Metal Analog Distortion Pedal

Digitech makes a good death metal pedal for those that want the most extreme distortion sounds in their playing. There’s a level, low, mid and high tone controls on the pedal so you can shape your sound and get a great metal distortion sound. This pedal is perfect for those looking for that killer distortion sound.  The pedal features a cast metal body so it will take the abuse you put if through whether you’re practicing at home or at a live gig. This pedal is hard on batteries so you should buy an adapter for it if you plan to use it a lot.

DigiTech DGR Grunge Analog-Distortion Pedal

This pedal helps you recreate the sounds of all your favorite grunge artists. You’ll get sustaining leads, heavy grind, and chunky rhythm sounds out of this pedal as well as other tones. This has been a top selling Digitech pedal for some time and it’s a good distortion pedal to own in your collection. The gain knob will adjust the amount of distortion the pedal puts out and like other standard guitar pedals you can adjust the low, mid, and highs on the unit with knobs. This pedal can recreate other sounds too such as a warm blues, or a full on metal shred style sound. Features a heavy duty construction so it will take the punishment you put it through.

DigiTech DSB Screamin' Blues Overdrive Analog Distortion Pedal

Most distortion pedals are just too strong for the mellower sounds of blues guitar. This Digitech distortion pedal is specifically designed to help you get those warmer blues tones. You can get mild overdrive sounds or more sustain if you want with this pedal. The gain knob will give you extra distortion when you want to rip up some blues inspired solos. This is a good pedal for blues players who want some milder distortion sounds specifically designed for playing in the blues style.

DigiTech CR-7 HardWire Stereo-Chorus Extreme-Performance Pedal

This chorus pedal offers some amazing features. It has studio, multi, boutique, modern, analog, jazz and, vintage chorus sounds in one compact pedal. The pedal has Velcro pads so you can lock it to your pedal board if you want. The pedal has locks on the knobs so you won’t accidently bump a setting if you’re moving around on stage. The pedal is made from all metal components so it’s built to perform and last a long time. This pedal operates at a steady voltage so they help prevent your tone loss giving you a constant good performance out of the pedal.  

Digitech XTD Tone Driver Overdrive Guitar Pedal

For those who want overdrive sounds the Tone Driver is a great pedal by Digitech to own. You can get a wide variety of overdrive and mild distortion effects with this pedal. Overdrive is fine for playing basic rock or if you want some mild sounds but an overdrive pedal will not recreate hard rock or metal sounds in the style of Metallica or other heavier bands. This pedal is good to help shape your overall sound but buy a true “distortion” style pedal if you want more bite. 

Shaping Your Sound

You’ll go through many pedals before you find your overall favorite sounds. You should try a bunch of pedals and never stop experimenting with them. Also try some of the great amp modeling software programs where you can get a bunch of effects to play around with. Your guitar and amplifier is also very important to your sound as well as a good guitar cable and set of fresh strings.  Digitech can help you with your sound so give some of their products a try they make great pedals along with Boss and other pedal manufacturers.