As we continue to live and modernize our lives with digital technology around us, we have now relied on digital albums instead of photo albums, and mp3s instead of audio CDs. That is why a high-capacity disc hard drive is deemed to be an absolute necessity nowadays.

There are hard drives for laptops and desktops. Laptops are 2.5" while desktops are 3.5". If you are considering of putting a disc hard drive into a USB enclosure to make it as an external storage, consider how you will use it.

Since the 2.5" HDs work just by popping it in a USB enclosure without the need for external power, 3.5" HDs need an external power adapter aside from the USB connection. And they are significantly heavier. So if you will be moving with your data most of the time, consider getting a lighter 2.5" one – otherwise, if you just need to use it at home or your workplace as extra storage, you can get the 3.5" one with larger capacities.

Although laptop HDs are more expensive, their USB enclosures are cheaper since it doesn't include power adapters.

When buying hard drives, also take in mind the connections of these HDs. IDE is not the same as SATA. IDE is also known as ATA, obviously the predecessor of SATA. SATA is widely used in more modern computers now, and it allows faster data transfers. Always check the connection of your desktop or laptop before heading off to the shop.

Also consider the capacity. Most new laptop HDs nowadays range from 80GB to 320GB, while desktop HDs are normally 160GBs to 1TB (1000 GBs.)

They also differ in RPM (revolutions per minute) speeds, which greatly affect performance – especially with data writing and reading. Higher RPMs mean faster, and vice versa. 5,400 to 10,000 rpm is common nowadays.

A disc hard drive is absolutely important. It provides storage for all the things that you need in your laptop or desktop. Without it, of course your PC or Mac won't be running at all.

So choose wisely and take in consideration your needs, as well. A higher RPM and a higher capacity usually do the trick. Your PC or Mac, of course, won't be able to run without it.

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