Looking for the best white distressed accent tables? A white wood accent table done in the distressed wood finish would make a lovely addition to your home.  There are many great tables to choose from or you can even do one yourself if you are handy. White distressed Shabby Chic style is very popular and here are some of the best tables in that distressed style you can buy.

Home Accent White Wood Carved Top Sofa Console Table

VERDUGO GIFT Carved-Top Table
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Saving Money On Best Distressed White Accent Tables

With the way the economy is going it's difficult to buy the items you want for your home for many familes. One way you can save money is to purchase these items online. Many online retailersoffer deep discounts on these items. If you buy a small amount of goods the shipping is free so it pays to shop online at these retailers.  You don't need to pay for a parking space of go through the headaches of shopping from store to store to find what you want. Look for retailers that have items with plenty of reviews and feedback as this will give you a clear indication as to the opinions of different people. Avoid the products with plenty of negative fedback. Online shopping is one way to save on accent tables such as those in the distressed wood finish.

Garage Sales and Discount Stores

You can sometimes find some great furniture pieces such as distressed white items through garage sales or discount stores. You of course need to shop around to find what you're looking for and this cna take time so shopping online is a better option if you're in a hurry. Look for discount stores that are having closeouts or shop just after holiday periods as this is when retailers will want to unload furniture such as distressed white accent tables and you'll save yourself a whole lot of money off of your purchase price. Boxing Day or Black Friday is also another great time to shop for these tables but you need to be prepared for the crowds that await you.

Newspapers and Classifieds

On occassion you'll find these tables for sale in classifieds. You can save money this way but you have to be careful about the items you buy. When you go and look at the items make it isn't some cheap peace of wood and that it's worth the asking price. Try to find out as much as you cna about the furniture before you hand over your money. In some cases the price will be worth it and you can always fix up the piece yourself until it looks the way you want it to look.

Safavieh American Home Collection Julian Distressed Stacking Tables

Excellent Distressed White Tables

You'll find some excellent white distressed wood tables in the market but like everything you'll need to check various locations to find the not only the best deal but the item that will suit your home the best. Have fun searching for the best white distressed wood tables for your home.