Looking for white distressed wall mirrors? The distressed white style is often referred to as “Shabby Chic” and is a very popular form of home decorating. Mirrors in this style add a touch of flair to nay room in your home and more great accents to any wall. This gives a nice vintage look and you’ll find many different white distressed mirrors and other Shabby Chic style furniture in the marketplace. Here are some examples of the mirrors in this style you can purchase for your home.

Distressed Finish White Wood Frame Wall Mirror

Distressed White Wall MirrorCredit: Amazon

This white distressed wall mirror would look good in any area of your home. The vintage style mirror adds a bit of French country flair to your residence. The white weathered finish works with any color scheme and it measures 12 1/2" x 1/2" x 20" high. This is an example of the great mirrors you’ll find out in the marketplace for your home.

Oval Antique Style Mirror in Resin and Distressed White

Oval mirrors always make a nice addition to a room. This mirror is in the distressed white style so it looks like an older antique mirror. This is one of the nice features of the distressed white style it gives your home a distinct “older” feel to it and that is why it’s so popular.   The mirror is lightweight at only nine pounds. This mirror measures: 29 inches high and 18.5 inches wide.

Oval White MirrorCredit: Amazon

Elegant White Hanging Accent Wall Mirror Bed Room Hall

White Mirror for the HallCredit: Amazon

Sometimes you need a longer mirror to go in the hallway or to place in a spot in your bedroom. This distressed white mirror has some length to it and a nice floral design that would look great just about anywhere. This mirror measures  9 7/8" x 1/2" x 30 1/2" high and it’s only four pounds.

Olivia Cheval Floor Mirror in Distressed Soft White

White Floor MirrorCredit: Amazon

This soft distressed white mirror comes with a drawer at the bottom of the mirror for small items. The color looks great and woulf fit in any room in the hoom, especilaly the bedroom area. This mirror weight 72 pounds and is 16 x 26 x 60 inches. Product is made out of hardwoods and select veneers and comes with aone year warranty. This is a very nice looking piece for the home.

Where to Find Distressed White Wall Mirrors

There are many places you can go to find these great looking wall mirrors for your home. Stores such as Wal-Mart usually have a selection of shabby chic style furniture or you could try another box store. You can buy these furniture pieces online at places such as Amazon as well.  If you’re trying to save money look for these items at dollar stores or try a flea market or swap meet, sometimes you can get lucky and find some nice distressed white products. 

Designing Your Own Mirrors

if you're handy around the house you could of course design your own distressed white wall mirrors. All you'll need is some good wood, glass mirror, and some piant to get a nice distressed look to your mirror. You will probably need to add a primer coat before applying your paint. Gentrly scrape off areas of the frame with a small knife and then add some light sanding with some sandpaper.  Here is an excellent guide to disressed white furniture if you want to do thees projects yourself. In the long run you can save yourself some money but you need the time to do them. Shabby Chic or distressed white products can be purchased online through Amazon or other retailers too.