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Best Stocks With High Yeild

Top Ten Dividend Stocks

For many people who have money put into mutual funds, savings accounts or stuffing any extra cash under their mattress. There comes a time where you look to get your money working for you. Many people have heard the horror stories of the stock market, that one guy who took his live savings and lost his shirt. This happens when you become a trader with little or no experience. After reading a few blogs, scanning a few books, their ego's get in the way, and money loss every time. What I am advocating is nothing of the sort, I am talking about a buy and hold strategy, a strategy where we put money into reliable stocks that have a good track record, expert management and superior fundamentals. These investments are safe, and can give us tremendous rewards. 

First, what is a dividend?

  1. A sum of money paid regularly (typically quarterly) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves).
  2. A payment divided among a number of people, e.g., members of a cooperative or creditors of an insolvent estate.

In laments terms, money that is awarded to you for holding shares in a company. Example: for every share that you hold in the company, you receive 0.05 cents. That money is then given to you (monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.). For example, if you have 1000 shares and a dividend of .05/ share you would be paid $50.00/month, this number can be altered to fit the selected duration of time.

So now you need a place to put your cash to make your money work harder for you, the banks most certainly aren’t going to be putting lump-loads of cash into your account every month and there is no need to spend the money on a financial adviser who is going to take a cut of your earnings anyway. So what can you do? The answer is simple, take control and allocate your assets. We can put our money in reliable dividend stocks that have been perpetually raising their divided year after year and providing us with amazing returns. It has never been more easy, with access to millions of bits of data all accessible from our fingertips; if you don't believe that you can manage your money better than a financial planner, I challenge you to think differently. If you can use your computer to read this article and type words into Google you're more than qualified. It starts by doing a little due-diligence, but the pay off is incredible. So let's get started, down below we have the top 10 paying dividend stocks, these stocks have raised their dividends in over 40 years in a row in some cases. That is so gratifying, and not only does this indicate that these are top quality stocks, but great companies with superior fundamentals that truly stand-out from the crowd.


  •  Caterpillar, Inc. (CAT) dividend yield – 2.84% years paying – 32
  • The Clorox Company. (CLX) dividend yield – 3.46% years paying – 30
  • Meredith Corporation. (MDP) dividend yield – 3.51% years paying – 28
  • Hawaiian Electronic Industries Inc. (HE) dividend yield – 4.94% years paying – 25
  • General Electric Company (GE) dividend yield – 3.14 % years paying – 51
  • Merck & Company, Inc (MRK) dividend yield – 3.61% years paying – 43
  • The Southern Company (SO) dividend yield – 4.87% years paying – 31
  • Landauer, Inc (LDR) dividend yield – 4.31% years paying – 21
  • Intel Corporation (INTC) dividend yield – 3.8% years paying – 20
  • National Retail Properties (NNN) dividend yield –5.13% years paying – 23

These are some of the best stocks that have increased year after year, one may ask "What's so great about putting money into a dividend stock?" This strategy is NOT a get rich quick way to earn money, but if you have a long time frame and want to see growth overtime by continuously compounding, re-investing and fighting inflation. Putting your money in solid companies is definitely a way to accelerate your portfolio. It has been proven that the markets outperform mutual funds year, after year. This is why it is so crucial that you take control of your money, not only will you feel empowered knowing you have control, but you wont be a victim by this tough economy. The best part? Having your money in perpetual dividend raising stocks increases your buying power each year staying ahead of inflation. Does your bank increase interest year after year? What about your mutual funds? These places are financial vampires and allow you to go no-where.

By now we can see that dividend stocks can be great for building financial freedom, and can help put money back into our wallets instead of bank vaults. A great resource to gain information about dividend investing is in the book "Get Rich With Dividends" - Mark Lichtenfield. He is a proponent of this investing style and also has a podcast tilted the same as the book, if you are serious about this investing style pick up the book from my affiliate link or if you want to see what he is all about before making a purchase you can download the podcast.

BEFORE YOU GO! It is recommended and encouraged that you do your own research about these stocks and perhaps other stocks that you may feel more comfortable investing in. Please remember, always use your best judgment when investing. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit my article, let me know if you are invested or look to invest in a better yielding stock that has not been mentioned. I look forward to reading your comments, be sure to like this article and share with your friends if you found this information helpful.

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