Owning three Dogs means that the beds are often a real issue. Everyone wants to have the same bed at the same time. We have had numerous Dog beds over the years but what are the best beds for Dogs?

When it comes to choosing the best Dog beds I have found that it really does depend on the age of the Dog. When our pooches were puppies I found that commercial beds with stuffing were nothing short of a nightmare. Cheap Dog beds are available and for that I am very grateful. What I found was that the puppies would get at the stuffing in next to no time. This had me worried as I thought it could cause a blockage.

I found it much better to switch to a bed that was flat and contained no stuffing at all. This eased my mind and it meant that the worst they could do was chew on the end. Now that the Dogs are older I find it much better to go for a variety of different things. Simple Dog blankets work well and are easy to clean. Even a simple rug is more than fine and the only issues are as mentioned, they all seem to want the same one.

This is why I now try to simply use beds that are warm and comfortable but nothing fancy at all. Just a basic warm Dog rug or an old rug is fine for them and they are happy. The rugs or beds that are small enough to fit in the washing machine are perfect for me and what I would choose time and time again.

If you are thinking of getting a new bed for your Dog then you should certainly keep their age in mind. The younger they are the simpler you should keep it. Try not to get anything that hey can easily chew or anything that has a soft filling. Puppies love nothing more than to destroy it. Rather go for something that is warm but does not have a filling.

For older Dogs that really do like their home comforts then something nice and thick and very soft is ideal. They will love the extra comfort and older Dogs will always feel the cold more than young ones. There are more than enough cheap Dog beds on the market to make choosing a suitable one easy and the low pries mean that you do not have to be to precious about them anyway.