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Best Dog Breeds For Children

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The best way to have a family friendly dog is to love it and make sure it knows who is boss. I firmly believe that any kind of dog can be a great friend, as long as it is raise by owners who care about it and train him/her well. Still, some dog breeds are prone to some tendencies more than others. Here's a list of furry family friendly dogs, and what makes them the best dog breeds for children.



Labradors are a popular breed for any potential dog owner. Labradors are smart and easy to train. Labs love to please their owners. They are happy, playful, and protective of their loved ones. Labradors are very intelligent and will learn tricks fairly quickly. They are known for being well-behaved around children and even the elderly, and are the most popularly owned dogs in the world. Labradors are commonly chosen for all kinds of uses:

  • Family Pooch
  • Seeing-Eye Dogs
  • Autistic Aid Dogs
  • Therapy Use
  • Screening and Detection For Law Enforcement[1]

Labradors can be mischevious as puppies, but if you raise them right Labs are probably the most loyal dog breed and all around best dog breed for children. There is a reason why more families own Labs than any other dog in the world.

Golden Retriever
Credit: Morguefile

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are very similar to Labrador Retrievers. Golden Retrievers are fun loving and loyal companions. They are well suited to country or suburban enviroments. They are the third most-owned dog breed in the world. Similar to Labs, Golden Retrievers are also used for everything from family dog to law enforcement to therapy. Goldens have a slighlty shorter lifespan than Labs, about 10-12 years.

Golden Retrievers are known for their ability to learn tricks. They are intelligent and respond well to command. They will follow the rules for behavior that you set it around your children. If you don't want a Labrador, I'd recommend the Golden Retriever as the best dog breed for children.

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Bulldogs can be a great choice for children because they are sturdy. They will allow your children to play, push and pull without getting hurt or aggressive. Despite their negative reputation, Bulldogs have a very mild temperment. For years breeders have been working to make them a non-aggressive breed. They generally grow to about 40 pounds, and live 8-12 years. Bulldogs love to relax, so they won't be sprinting around the house breaking things.

Bulldogs can thrive whether you live on a ranch or a small apartment. They do need excercise like any canine friend, but they would probably be more content to lay on your lap than to chase a ball around the yard. Bulldogs docile nature is what makes them one of the best dog breeds for children. 


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It's important to note here that Standard Poodles make great family pets, but Toy Poodles probably aren't the best dog breed for children. Miniature Poodles can be too rambunctious or nervous for some children. The Standard Poodle, on the other hand, is more friendly and well-rounded. They are commonly used as show dogs due to their obedience and ability to learn tricks.

Poodles are a smaller breed, perfect for a household that still has very young children walk/crawling around. They don't shed a lot either, so they make great pets for owners with allergies. Poodles would make an excellent playmate for your children.

Credit: Morguefile


Another smaller pooch, the Beagle makes an excellent pet choice for your family. Orgininally bred to be scent hounds, they are known for their tracking ability and are often used as detection dogs.

Beagles are commonly chosen as family pets because of their intelligence, even temper, and lack of inherited health problems. Their only downside is slighlty above average brushing and bathing requirements. That being said, if you don't mind giving your canine lots of love and care then Beagles make an excellent breed of dog for children. They are happy and obedient, not to mention sturdy and patient. Even Snoopy from Charlie Brown was a Beagle!

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There are two types of Corgi, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Both are named from the country in Wales in which they were originated. The two species have slightly different bone structure, body length, and size.[2]

Corgis are long fox-like dogs with pointed ears. They are sturdy, strong and intelligent. Corgis were bred to be herding dogs, so they are often used on farms and ranches. Still, Corgis can fare just fine in a small house if you allow them to excercise often. Corgis play well with children, and will even herd them back to the group if they wander off. They will often nip at your heels, but their low-set bodies allow them to avoid being kicked in the process. 

For the most part Corgi's don't have too many hereditary health problems, although they are prone to canine hip disease. I would recommend rasing a Corgi from puppyhood rather than adopting a full grown one. Corgis will be friendly and protective of your family if you raise them from a puppy, which makes them one of the best dog breeds for children. They are nervous around strangers though, so if you get a full grown one you may have to wait a while before he/she can acclimate to you and your family.

Whatever You Like

With the proper love and care, any dog breed can be a great one for you and your children. The nicest and most docile breed of dog can be made into a mean one if he is mistreated or abused. Likewise, even the biggest and meanest of dogs can be turned into a big ball of love for you and your kids.


Dogs can be incredible companions and can help teach your family about responsibility. Hopefully this article has helped you decide just what type of dog fits best with you and your family. There are many other breeds that can make great dogs for children, not just these ones. Feel free to share your favorite breed of dog in the comment section.




Aug 9, 2013 10:35am
I was hoping to find a Boston Terrier on this list. At least you didn't write about cats.
Aug 9, 2013 11:13am
Boston Terriers are great dogs. My sister have two of them, they are a lot of fun! As I stated in the closing paragraph, any dog can be great with children if you love them and train them properly.

As for cats, they are good pets too but I personally enjoy the love and devotion dogs have for their owners. Cats seem to keep to themselves a little more.
Aug 9, 2013 12:04pm
Liked this article very much!..I just pressed the spam button by mistake (for the above comment, not your article!). Sorry for that! Thumbs up :)
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