If you are dreading that visit to the vet or that car trip to the cottage because of the dog hair and drool that you are going to get in your car, then you should consider the wide range of dog car seat covers that are on the market now.

If you are anything like me, a trip in the car meant finding that old quilt in the back of the closet or basement, and spreading it out on the back seat, and trying to tuck it into all corners, only to have it bunch up as your dog gets excited or terrified (which ever your dog is with car trips)

Better yet, that same quilt becomes full of hair, that you can't seem to wash out, and you end up transferring it back onto the car seat again anyways, and even after countless swipes with the vacuum, you still end up with dog hair on the back seat.

You should check out all the pet product aids that are on the market now. You can purchase all kinds of dog car seat covers (depending on the size of your dog) and even dog car seats for smaller dogs to keep them contained.

There are car kennels, if you have the room, and many will fit on the back seat too!.

One of my favorite dog car seat covers, for larger dogs is the Dog Hammock. This product will stop your dog from trying to get in the front seat with you, and also keep them away from other things in the car such as groceries!

Solvit Hammock Style Seat Cover - This covers the entire back seat, and with special straps to attach to the back of the front seat, it will stop your bigger dog from trying to get into the front of the car with you, which many nervous dogs may try, and trying to stop a large dog from getting onto your lap while driving is hard to do.

This Protects The Floor

Solvit 62314 Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Pets
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(price as of Jun 20, 2016)

Most larger dogs like this hammock dog seat cover as it tends to hold them in one spot better, and they can relax, and you can relax knowing that your back seat and the back of your front seats are protected from all the hair and drool!

Pet Tube Makes Them Feel Secure

Petego Pet Tube Car Kennel, Large
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(price as of Jun 20, 2016)

Car Pet Kennel - This is something totally different from a pet seat cover. This is a collapsible kennel, that gives your dog protection in the car. This creates a soft and cozy place for your dog to feel comfortable while riding in the car. It attaches in the back seat of the car with straps.

It is expandable, for larger dogs, so you can actually use this pet kennel on the front seat as well for smaller dogs. But it can stretch across the back seat. It has mesh panels for ventilation and totally scratch proof, and has a zippered door at the one end to keep your pet inside. Many nervous dogs, like this system as it feels like a cozy home.

 This is a great way to transport your dog, especially if you have a dog that tends to distract you while driving, which of course can be very dangerous. This folds away afterwards and can be kept in the trunk or house. Plus your car interior is protected.

Works For the Dog That Likes to be Up Front

Solvit Waterproof Bucket Seat Cover for Pets
Amazon Price: $15.90 Buy Now
(price as of Jun 20, 2016)

Bucket Dog Car Seat Cover - This is a great pet seat cover, for the front passenger seat. This cover is made from resilient fabrics that resist dog hair and is machine washable. It attaches to a front bucket seat, and is great for the dog that loves to ride shot gun, or is not one for roaming the car while you are driving.

 As you can see, there are a few good choices that are affordable too. You don't have to spend every weekend trying to get the dirt, hair and drool off of the seats of your car. Consider these dog car seat covers, and if you have dogs that have mobility problems, such as getting into the car (many SUVs are pretty tall now) there are also dog ramps to help them up.

So, with these great pet seat covers and products, you don't have to leave your best friend at home anymore, just because you have a new clean car.