We all love our dogs very much, for most of us, they are an important member of the family. But what do you do when they age and become incontinent? Or they need surgery and won't be mobile for the first little while, or get so excited that they urinate everywhere? Dog Diapers are the answer.

Many dogs are otherwise healthy, and end up kept in one room or outside because of this problem. This is hard if they are part of the family for the dog and the family! So, dog diapers may be something you need to consider for your aging pet, or incontinent problems.

There are a few different styles of dog diapers, that you may want to consider. All will help with incontinence, but will obviously depend on the size and breed of your dog, as to how the dog diapers will fit. But you also need to consider the uses. If it is for occasional incontinence or excitability you may want disposable ones.

No matter what the reason for your dog's incontinence, or "accidents" you are going to want and need to protect your house. If you don't want to stop access to the rest of your house with your special friend, then you will need to consider the time you have and the effort involved as to which types of dog diapers to get.

Disposable Dog Diapersdisposable dog diaper

These are similar to baby diapers. They come in many sizes, and you can buy them in the pet supply stores or online. If you have a particular breed of dog, then there are disposable dog diapers designed for the girls or the boys, and you just need to allow for their weight, and you can order online.

Many sites, will have you send in the measurements of the dog, to get the right fit for your dog diapers. Once you have the right style and fit, you can just reorder when you need more. It may be wise to purchase a larger supply to save money. Many sites will offer free shipping with a certain size order of dog diapers.

Washable Dog Diaperswashable dog diaper

If you have the time, then this is the more "green" way to go when it comes to your dog diapers and incontinence. If this is a long term issue with your dog, then you may want to invest in the reusable and washable dog diapers. Once again they need to fit well. They quite often come in a "pull up" or what looks like underwear that can be washed.

You obviously have to check the dog diaper regularly, or he may try to pull them off.

Dog Belly Banddog belly band

This works well too, if your male dog will wear it. It is basically a wide band of fabric that you wrap around your dog's lower abdomen. This way you purchase human incontinence pads that fit inside this band. The idea is that you catch the urine when the dog goes, and it gets caught in this pad.

You can make these yourself. All you need is some cotton fabric, or something soft, and measure around your dogs lower belly, and then cut two rectangles in this size. Sew them together with right sides, then turn it inside out and press and then top stitch, catching the open seam from turning it right side out. Now sew on a couple pieces of Velcro on each end, and then place the incontinence pad (normally worn in the underwear of adults) in on this fabric band, then wrap around the belly and secure with the Velcro. Many dogs will wear this style of protection, and it is easy to change and quick. You could make a few dog belly bands to have on hand.

Dog Diaper Choices

Above are three choices for dog diapers. Obviously you need to get your dog checked at the Veterinarian first, to find out why he is unable to go outside or hold for very long. Once it has been established that your dog has an incontinence problem, then you can browse online for different styles and makes of dog diapers.

There are many dogs having to wear dog diapers now, and you can decide based on whether this is a long term condition you will need to deal with, or short term such as with an injury or recovery from an operation.

If it is long term, the disposable dog diapers will add up in cost. So, maybe consider the washable ones or the dog belly band that you can purchase or make, and then purchase the pads for it. This may be a cheaper option.

As long as they are snug but not too tight, and comfortable, especially for their tail, your dog will get used to their dog diaper and your house will stay clean.