Dogs have been considered man's best friend forever. A dog is your most loyal companion, wanting nothing from you but your love. They want to make you happy and be with you no matter where you are.

A friend this loyal deserves the best you can provide him. they cannot take care of them self, they totally depend on you for their healthy diet dog food, water and a warm place to stay. They also depend on you to keep them healthy. You provide him proper nutrition for a healthy body, but what about their teeth?

If you really think about, they use their mouth for everything. They of course eat with their mouth, they play fetch with their mouth and they tear up your slippers with their mouth. So, because of these important duties, you want to ensure that your dog has a healthy set of choppers.

Have you considered an oral health plan? If you haven't, you need to realize that this can affect your dogs health.

Humans need to brush and floss our teeth, and keep our tongue and gums in healthy condition. There has been some tests done that has shown a correlation in oral health in humans and lowered risk of heart disease.

Do you think that your dog's oral health can also affect his health?
We have all been told by our vet the importance of brushing our dogs teeth or wiping them with a damp cloth. The key is to keep them clean of plaque and tarter.

But a dog's oral health plan includes what you diet dog food you are feeding him. Are you giving your dog canned food or the dry food from the bag? Do you give your dog treats? What kind of toys does he play with? All of these things play a strong role in your dog's oral health.

Your dog needs to be fed a high-quality diet dog food from a reputable company. You need to be checking the ingredients first to last and make sure there are healthy and natural foods. Make sure the food contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals for your dogs ultimate health.

When it comes to choosing dry or canned, dry is the best option. The hard food helps to keep the dogs teeth clean and helps to remove the plaque just from the abrasive texture against the teeth. Whereas the moist food will sit on their teeth and may cause tooth decay, at least tarter and plaque build-up.

Treats are always the favorite of any dog. When you ask them if they want a treat, their tails wag and they start panting just in the anticipation of what they will be getting. You are giving this treat to your dog because you love him and want to reward him.

Make sure the treats you give are healthy dog treats, not junk food from your pantry. a healthy treat is dog biscuits, rawhide bones, dehydrated jerky or dog bones. You can bring them home bones from the restaurants or even from the meat department at your local grocer.

These treats are the best thing you can give your dog, just ask him. Ok, so he won't answer in the way I would, but he will definitely let you know.

A dog's oral health needs to contain treats that are not just empty calories. Make sure these treats have some nutrition in them. Again, look at the ingredients, be an ingredient blood hound.

The harder treats such as the rawhide, or biscuits, will help to keep your dogs teeth clean. If you are only giving him the softer snacks such as the beef jerky, this won't do much for the dental hygiene. another benefit from a great oral health plan is great breath! I don't care how much you love your dog, if he has bad breath, you do not want him in your face.

So, to summarize, you need to have a good oral health plan in place, providing your dog the best in oral care and healthy teeth.

You want to consider the dry food over the canned food. Check the dog treats that you are giving, Make sure they are healthy and will work on cleaning their teeth. If you are doing all of these things, you will have a healthy dog with a very healthy mouth.

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