Your dog is such a great part of your family. He is always there for every event, ready to participate in any way he can. He is anxious to be just like the rest of your family, I think sometimes, they really aren't sure that they are any different than the rest of us. I swear I think my dog thinks she is human.

Well one of those events that they always want to be a part of is dinner. You already know that it is not a good idea to feed your dog from the table, and you also know that he shouldn't even be eating the same foods. Dogs need a different diet dog food than we are accustomed to at our meals.

We typically eat at a regular time each day, breakfast in the morning, lunch, middle of the day and dinner about the same time every night. Is it fair that we just feed our dog whenever we can get around to it? Well, you and I both know the answer to that.

Putting your dog on a feeding schedule with a healthy diet dog food, will not only benefit your dog, but will keep you on a schedule too. Sometimes I can get so busy, then later wonder why my dogs are sad or just laying by their food bowl.

Ah! I forgot to feed the dogs again! This can't be good for them. I know I would not like it if my meals were forgotten.

Your dog is totally dependent on your care, it is your schedule that will need to be set, not really your dogs. Your dogs feeding times and treats need to spaced out throughout the day.

The amount of time between meals will depend on the age and health of your dog. If you a larger older dog, he will not need to eat as often, but if you have a puppy, they typically eat throughout the day.

Puppies are used to be able to nurse on demand, then when they are weaned, they need to eat about 5 times a day. As he grows and becomes more used to feeding times, you can go to three times a day.

You should be giving your dog his meals at the same time each day. They will know, if you have them on a schedule, and may very well remind you. They love meal time and will not let you forget now that they know when it is supposed to be there.

Your will see that your dog is smart enough to even know when there is a treat time. If you give your dog a treat every afternoon after the kids get home, he will be there anxiously waiting for his treat.

A regular schedule will also benefit his digestive system. And you will know when he will need to go out which should also be on a pretty good schedule. If you work or gone a lot during the day, the schedule will make life easier for both of you all the way around.

If you feed your dog in the morning before you leave, let him out to go potty, then he is set until you get home. Then he will be ready to eat again and go out and relieve a very full bladder. But the schedule helps his body to work with this, and will give him a lot less discomfort over time.

Having a schedule also comes in handy while traveling. Its hard enough stopping all the time for the kids, having to stop for the dog as well is a double whammy.

So try to have a schedule that your dog can count on, and then he will not be anxious in the time between. But if you are late on that schedule, your dog will let you know.

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