Best Dog Flea Treatments

Finding the Best Dog Flea Treatments

The best dog flea treatments are effective before a dog even gets fleas. Prevention is a priority to keep your home and animals free of these nasty pests. Once the fleas are on the pet, they are also in the home, furniture, carpet, and even in the outdoors. Everywhere the animal walks and when they scratch their fur, the fleas fall off.

Dog Flea Treatments: Prevention is Key

Once dog flea treatments are effective, it is recommended that one proceeds with a flea prevention program in order to keep more outbreaks from occurring. In most countries, treatments begin in early spring through the end of autumn. Areas of the world with warmer climates need year-round treatment.

Some dog flea treatments work better than others. Some can also be dangerous to other pets in the home, so you need to be aware of what the treatment does and how it can impact other animals. Advantix Advantage is one excellent product. However, pet owners have reported to Advantix that some cats have died when dog flea treatments include Advantix.

Revolution is a better choice when other animals are at home. This should be applied once a month directly to the fur, at the back of the neck. It treats and prevents fleas (adults and eggs), ticks, ear mites, and heart worms. It is generally known from most people's experience that Revolution is one of the safest dog flea treatments, and there is also a product that can be used safely on cats.

Dog Flea Treatments: Going the Natural Route

There are some natural dog flea treatments that do not require giving medication to kill fleas. Your dog can be treated with a blend of oils containing eucalyptus, pennyroyal oil, and aloe Vera juice. Check with your herbalist or veterinarian for the best combination of oils. Placing garlic and yeast in dog foods can also help the problem, as fleas do not like the flavor.

Excellent dog flea treatments include orange peel baths. The bath is soothing, and the citrus from oranges kill adult fleas on contact. Treatment must continue for several weeks, to be sure to eliminate all adult fleas. When even one egg remains, the cycle will continue. These treatments are beneficial to your dog. However, they take more time, especially if there are multiple pets to treat, and require more treatments to eliminate all fleas from the dog. This is only preferable to medication if you can maintain the treatment until the fleas are completely eliminated.

One must continue to clean the house, bedding, car, and outdoor areas where the dog goes, in order to kill the fleas from the environment. Steam cleaning the house will eliminate fleas from all furniture, bedding, carpeting, and inside of vehicles. There are many other products available that treat fleas - some work well, others do not. It is necessary for treatment of all animals to achieve optimal success. Prevention of further outbreaks is essential. The best results for dog flea treatments occur when a pet owner cleans all pets, as well as the entire environment of the house, furniture, bedding, carpeting, car, and outdoor area.