So, you have decided it is time to give Rover a new home. The old dog house is looking pretty ratty, and you are trying to spruce up your yard right? It has served its function, but it is starting to look really ugly, and on top of that it is starting to smell bad and rotten especially when the sun shines on it. You want to build your own, but don't want to be bothered designing one, so why not try some dog house kits?

You can get these at most large pet stores, but they all tend to look the same. You want something a bit different, but you want to build it yourself. You can get these kits online as well. Place like Amazon have a few to choose from. Precision Pet Outback Log Cabin Dog House, Large, 45 1/2x33x33-Inches (pictured)

You get everything you need. Most of these packages are solid wood, dog house kitsand they come with the instructions/plans, hardware and everything you need. You save some money my assembling it yourself, and then you can decide just where you are going to put your "best friend's" new house.


This particular one pictured is a log cabin style. It is solid, with a off set door, which gives the pooch more protection from the weather. You just have to make sure that any home you build is big enough for your pet to turn around in comfortably. You can also get doors to protect them more in the cold weather, but as long as a dog can lay down and not feel damp, they are happy.

Rotting old outdoor pet houses, are hard on the joints of dogs, especially older ones as they can't take the dampness. So, even when using kits, you should not put your new pet house directly on the ground. It should be on a foundation, even if that is patio stones, and then a air gap under it.  This will help to stop rot.

So, check out your old one you have now. If you have been using hay for bedding or that old pillow, chances are your pooch is having problems with fleas. Fleas love to live in hay and old bedding. Cedar chips would be better. You can get beds that are filled with cedar chips, to give your dog some added softness to his new home.

You can get these kits with insulation, but this particular log wood home has a lot of protection for your pooch, as wood is a good insulator. So, if you are wanting to create your own dog house for your best friend, then consider purchasing a kit with everything in it.

The design work has already been done for you, and it is just a matter of putting it together. It can be a great family project, as it won't take as long as one from scratch, which means you see the finished product much quicker. Then Rover can check out his new home. If you use this in the really cold winter, then also consider a heated mat for added comfort.

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Precision Pet Log Cabin Style Dog House Insulation Kit Large
Amazon Price: $139.99 $85.24 Buy Now
(price as of May 19, 2014)
You pooch will love it.