If home security is on your mind all the time, but don't want to sign up with a security company and the costs involved, then there are a few things you can do yourself in your home that are affordable and will give you a sense of security. Door sensors. These alarm sensors are affordable, and small and will let you know whenever a door or even a window has been opened.

Extra Layer of Protection!

Skylink WD-MT Door/Window Sensor Set - These have a magnetic contact sensor, that notifies you if your door or window is open. Since these wireless models take a small battery, it will also notify you when you need to replace the battery. This system will operate at 300 feet. This means the door or window you are concerned about can be up to 300 feet away. This would work well in a separate garage or out building too! The kit includes the door alarm sensor (or window sensor) and the receiver. Easy to set up too!

GE 45142 Alarm Sensor - This kit includes one door sensor and receiver, but with this model you can add more units and build up your door and window security slowly. You can also arm or disarm certain doors. You can program up to 16 sensors, and have them set up into zone areas, so you know right away which door or window is opening. You can also use these on shed doors, and outbuilding doors up to 150 feet outside

Door Sensors

Feel Secure with Door Sensors


This type of setup would be great for entrances that you cannot readily see, so that you know when they have been opened. The alarm or chime will ring where you want it to, the person entering will have no idea that they have tripped an alarm sensor. The receiver can be in another part of the home, making these a brilliant idea for outside sheds and out buildings too.

These are great for garage openings, the side entrance,back, basement, shed and more. You are not going to want to put this on one that is used all the time, as these sensors will be chiming all the time!

These are a great idea for home offices too. My sister has an office in her garage. One of the bay doors was turned into a entrance with an office. You can't always see this doorway from the main house. She will hear a chime anytime someone tries to enter her office. This is not only to catch intruders but also, to see if a customer has come in, while she has gone into the main house.

These are affordable and the wireless models are easy to install. These can also be installed on windows as well, if you are worried about your windows being opened, but are most commonly used on doors.

 The Best Sensors - The above 3 have had good reviews, and are recommended. It all depends on what level of security you are looking for. You may want an alarm sensor so that you know when a customer has entered your home office, in which case you want a nice chime rather than a screeching alarm!

 You can purchase these door sensors and window sensors for under 50 dollars. These are a cheap way to make sure you know when someone is entering your home, office or out buildings and can react.

My sister loves the one she has installed in her home office door, since she can't always see who may have entered, this way she can greet the customer, or call police if she has too, especially if she hears the chime in the middle of the night. This gives you an awareness in your home that you may not have right now.

This would also make a great gift for family or friends. If you can't afford a in home security system that is monitored by a security company, then you can at least protect yourself with some of the new wireless alarm systems on the market now. They have become user friendly, you can install them yourself, and secure your home.

Another great use for a door alarm sensor, is on a gun cabinet or cabinet in the house that no one is suppose to open, even a jewelry cabinet door can be alarmed. Considering getting a door alarm sensor for your home and feel secure, know when that door is ever opened.

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GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Control Center Starter Kit, 45142
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know when a door opens.