Dorm room chairs

There is nothing like having very comfortable dorm chairs to sink into after a hectic school day. How rewarding- the feeling of a good relaxation while chatting and studying with friends, sitting by the television with popcorn and drinks, playing a video game or simply just taking a nap. Dorm and college rooms are limited in space with hard furnishings but who says they can't be re-defined into something artistic? Dorm room chairs are one of the effective stress-relieving furniture that makes life more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Bean bags:

These P.V.C (polyvinyl chloride) pellet – filled chairs come in different colors, shapes and design in which are the cylinder, teardrop, armchair and the sack –look style. They can also be built in the shape of animals or other objects. Bean bags will compress after a few years but they can be refilled and replaced with new pellets when the need arises. A circumference of 120 inches is satisfactory for a small room. The most common bean bags are the plush or slick types because they can fit any body size. Bean bags are easy to clean and transport from room to room. They are made with all kinds of fabrics but the most popular are the leather and vinyl types.

Saucer chairs:

These colorful luxury chairs add a contemporary sensation to casual seating spaces. They come with comfy padding and posh upholstery over well-made frames. They are available in different colors and any type of finishing can be applied. A common size is the 32.5 *26.5*28 inches (L.W.H). Saucers bring a unique fashion sense to any environment they are placed in.

Butterfly chairs:

They are light-weight chairs that are built to mimic the butterfly shape with a steel frame for proper balance. The frames are foldable for easy lifting and are great for indoor and outdoor use when a movable extra seat is desired. They can be placed anywhere- from bedrooms to corridors and balconies. It takes very little time to assemble them and many chairs like this have a weight capacity of 250lbs and an overall; height of 35inches, length-27" and width -33".

Sleeper chairs:

Just like the name implies, they serve two purposes- sitting and sleeping. They serve as a contemporary piece that adds elegance to rooms. These chairs are great for guests and friends during a sleep- over. They are upholstered with cloth fabrics, leather or vinyl with a five-inch deep padding for exclusive comfort. They can be converted into a single or twin bed size up to a length of 82" or more. Sleeper chairs may or may not have frames. The framework is usually made of wood and the inner part is composed of layers of materials. The textile materials are made of cotton and polyester and the fill materials contain polyester, chipped foam and polyurethane. They can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth or brush and have a weight capacity of 57lbs -400lbs.

Papasan chairs:

These chairs are framed with rattan and wicker with lacquer finishes wood and cushioned with micro suede fabrics. They are usually oval and circular in shape and can fit into any kind of room. They come in all kinds of style from the exquisite executive styles to the Indonesian made leopard print styles.