Why Buy a Down Comforter?

If you love to snuggle down in toasty warm bedding as the wind howls and the snow falls, then like me, you may be a down comforter addict.  I think my favourite department in any department store is the bedding and linens, and my husband usually has to drag me out of there.  You can't beat a down comforter for light warmthCredit: Amazon

Most people say they sleep better if the room is not too hot.  So turn down the thermostat, save some energy and money overnight while getting a peaceful, comfortable, restful sleep under a down comforter.

Buying high quality bedding that is warm and easy to care for is certainly a fun past time for a shopper and very rewarding when you have that warm comfortable, don't-want-to-move feeling in bed on the weekend under your new down duvet. 

As a fellow connoisseur of fluffy bedding, I want to show you a couple of the best down comforters I have come across online.

What a Great Down Duvet is Like

The best down comforter will have enough insulation to be warm in the cold weather, and cool during the warm summer months.  When to comes to buying these, price seems to play an important role when families choose a duvet.  This is unlike the hypoallergenic  inexpensive down alternative comforters which are very close in price.

Often the down comforters that are best reviewed are under $200.

There is so much information in the down comforter’s reviews.  Many people buy these each year and share their experiences.  Still, take these with a pinch of salt as it seems many reviewers review and rate a product based on how much they saved off the list price. 

The down comforter reviews are actually quite entertaining at times.  There are contradictions, but the little asides and comments they put in will tell you a lot about how well a down comforter wears, washes and warms you.

Best Down Comforters Reviewed

If you are an online shopper, these two white duvet inserts are worth considering:

“The Pinzon Pyrenees White Goose Down Comforter” You can't beat a down comforter for light warmthCredit: Amazon

and the

Best Value Down ComforterCredit: Amazon

If you are wondering why they are so popular.   Most reviewers loved the price, the softness and size and the fact that the product exceeded their expectations.  Not spewing scratchy feathers, coming apart or clumping up on laundering is a good thing.

Here is a wishlist expensive $900 down comforter I included.  If you have the money to spend, I am sure the stitching, down and overall quality are fantastic! 


 “Baffled Boxstitch Hungarian White Goose Down Comforter Size: Super King”

Expensive Quality Down ComforterCredit: Amazon

Best Value Down Comforters?

When reading all the product reviews from people buying down comforters, the cheaper brands seem to review just as well as the more expensive duvets.  Spending more on your bedding doesn't necessarily mean it is better value. Both may feel pretty similar when you are snuggled up in bed on a Sunday morning! 

I hope this article on choosing down comforters has made you feel warm and fuzzy!