With my Dragon Age 2 game in hand, I was excited. I was beyond excited. The first Dragon Age had been so fun and mind-blowingly indepth that I was sure Dragon Age 2 would be the same. I was sure the romance options would look as good as they had in the previous game and that the textures would be even better, because no company takes a step back in graphics. Boy, was I wrong. But the Dragon Age 2 modding community is trying to spice up the game. 

Official Texture Pack: I rather admire Bioware for releasing Dragon Age 2 with lower resolution so that people with lower end computers can still play it without getting strange effects. And for those who have high-end computers, that can handle anything, there is this high resolution texture pack. Scroll to the bottom of the patches page and it'll be right there. In order to support this highest setting, you need a video card that supports DX11. If in doubt about your computer's capability, do not download. 

Better Looking Anders: Anders looks handsome-ish the way Bioware made him but there’s just something off about his features. There’s a liquid-y look about him, like his face was made of wax and some of it melted a bit more than it was supposed to. I used Classic Anders Improved because I loved the look of those tattoos and that brooding look in the eyes, but there are a bunch of other options, including new hair styles and colors if you weren’t happy with how he looked. Be aware, if you change his hair color, references to Blondie, seem a bit odd. 

An Isabela for All!: I thought Isabela’s facial features, and even the tone of her skin all went together rather well. I have a soft spot for pierced girls with dark skin, but some people might prefer their Isabela blonde, light skinned or even without the piercings at all. Since she’s the easiest romance option to gain, I think she should look however the player imagines; make her look like the girl next door if you want. Take your pick from these variations. 

Funky Merrill: There’s nothing wrong with Merrill the way she is, I just found her rather plain. When I saw the Dalish girl with the Mohawk I just knew I wanted that on someone I saw longer than the time it took to diffuse the werewolf fight, or kill her. This new Merrill has a blonde or black version of that Mohawk and I think it’s a great look for Merrill. Innocent and yet so Dalish. There are a few other options in this as well. 

No Sledge-Hammer Jawed Aveline: I liked the way Aveline looked except for that huge, wide jaw. I understand she was supposed to look more masculine than the other female characters, but that jaw didn’t even look humanly possible. This mod gives her a slightly sleeker jaw-line, but without turning Aveline into a perfect Barbie doll; I think it holds very true to the original concept of the character. 

Dragon Age 2 Hair Mods: The hair in Dragon Age 2 looks like plastic. This mod by Pineapple Tree is just so good it had to make a second appearance. It’s a great character creator mod and it’s really THE mod you need in your game. It fixes the hair textures so that they look more lifelike and less like lumps of plastic sitting on the character’s head. If you want more hair colors, and natural hair colors at that, try this mod instead.

If you want more mods for Dragon Age 2, especially some of the mods like Natural Bodies for Dragon Age: Origins, then please make your support known that you want the toolset released. What is available now has very limited capabilities. Mostly what you're going to get is recolors and facial mods. Before anything huge can be done with Dragon Age 2, before new body types can be developed and before modders can really show off their skills and love for this game, a real toolset is needed.