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Finding the Best Driveway Sensor

Home security is on everyone's minds these days. Trying to prevent your home from being the next target can be stressful, but one piece of technology that has become quite popular to homeowners is driveway sensors.

You can get these systems as wired systems and wireless, and depending on what type of information you want to find out with your driveway sensors, will help you decide which system is best for you.

If you are building a new house or doing landscaping, then you can use the cheaper wired driveway alarms that let you know when anything is on your driveway, that you can have installed as you build your place.

But if you are wanting to add a system to your house now, and don't want too much disruption, then you can get the wireless models of driveway sensors.

So, the first thing you have to decide, is what information you want. You need to ask yourself these questions:

Do I want to only know when a car is on my driveway?

Do I want to know if people are walking on my driveway?

Do I want to know if anything is on my driveway (this will include animals)

If your main purpose is to know when a car is on your driveway, then you can choose a system specifically designed for that.

Dakota WPA3000 - is a car detection driveway sensor. It has a 600 foot transmission range to let you know with a soft chime if any vehicles have entered the driveway. With this system, you get a probe and 50 feet of wire to bury beside your driveway. This will be able to detect vehicles within 10 to 12 feet. This cable can then be run to a tree or a post where the transmitter will hide.


Some people will build a post with a birdhouse on it to disguise the transmitter. The transmitter can take all kinds of weather and is quite tough. When a vehicle drives by the probe the transmitter will send a signal to the WR3000 receiver you have in the house.WPA-3000 Wireless Probe Driveway Alert Kit- Max Range 600'

Dakota WMA3000 is the next step up in driveway sensors. This driveway alarm will detect vehicles and people and any movement, which would be great for a business or if you don't want to miss a visitor at home. You can set it to a certain height, so that it won’t pick up pets and animals.


You mount the transmitter in a nearby tree or on a post, and it uses a 9 volt battery. It will send a signal back to the receiver when it detects movement from cars and people.

This system uses a infrared beam that detects people or cars, to about 80 feet, then sends the signal back and it will emit a soft chime. The receiver can be up to 600 feet away and still work well.

Dakota WRH300 - is a simple style of rubber hose, like the ones you see in gas stations to alert the attendant you are there. The rubber hose lays on the driveway and the signal will be sent back to your house or office. These are designed for all kinds of weather and are the easiest and quickest to install. The downside to this style is if you have to clear the driveway of snow.

Driveway Sensors - Once you have decided on the type of driveway alert system you want, then you can go shopping. These models above have had great reviews. You can get these online with Amazon and Security system websites.


This is affordable piece of mind, as these systems are under 300 dollars. You can get parts and extra sensors and build your system to secure your driveway and your house.

So, if you are concerned about who is in your driveway while you are maybe watching TV in the basement, then this would be a great idea. A driveway sensor would also make a great gift for a concerned friend or relative.

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