Which is the Best Dyson Air Multiplier for Keeping Cool?

If are you trying to work out which is the best Dyson fan for cooling -- then you have come to the right 'air multiplier' comparison guide. Here, we will provide you with a quick & objective overview (specs, features etc.) of each Dyson 'cooling fan' (the AM01 (desk), AM02 (tower) & AM03 (pedestal)) -- as well as detailing a scenario 'for each model' as to which they are most optimal (i.e which fan works best for what situation - basically where they are most intended to workas a cooling device) & from this you will be able to easily determine which fan best suits your 'cooling' needs & preferences.

The Dyson AM01 Table/Desk Fan

Dimensions - H: 496 x W: 305 x D: 152 mm | Weight: 3.7 lbs | Cord Length: 5.9 ft |

The AM01 is engineered & manufactured purely for 'personal cooling'. It produces an ultra smooth (non-choppy) and focused air flow that is both refreshing (so no irritating buffeting like you get with bladed fans) and comforting for you. Great for a situation where you are busy working on a task in hand, however an intense heat is posing to distract you. As it sits nicely on table tops -- it is best suited for a work-type environment -- for instance an office with you at your computer or a home-office/study based area whilst you are reading etc. You are able to adjust the AM01 to get an optimal air flow trajectory through its touch-tilt feature and 90 degree oscillation.

Its available in two versions - the 10 inch and 12 inch (the latter being a bit more expensive, but more powerful -- and in an array of styles e.g. silver/white mesh, blue/iron etc.) - and is capable of amplifying 7.13 gallons of air per second by 15 times through an annular aperture, hence can get pretty darn powerful if you need it to be (especially considering it is focused just for you) & can all be controlled precisely through the dimmer switch control (not just the usual three settings that you get with standard fans) located at its base (where you can control the oscillation speeds etc. as well). This is a beautifully crafted device that will typically suit almost any room design -- and as stated is best suited for when 'only' you are in need of cooling.

Note: Dyson have recently updated the AM01 to be even quieter through acoustic dampening engineering, meaning it is now practically silent at the lower settings (and is generally much quieter than your standard fan). Moreover, because it is so light (& conviniently shaped) it is easy enough to carry and move around with you.

The Dyson AM02 Tower Fan

Dimensions - H: 1007 x W: 110 x D: 190 mm | Weight: 3.3 lbs| Cord Length: 6.6 ft |

This model is probably the most popular out of the selection and is designed with 'whole room' cooling in mind - where it projects a wide spreading smooth & cool airflow across a room for all individuals to benefit (although you won't however get the same sort of cooling intensity that the AM01 would obviously offer though). It gathers up to 9.51 gallons of air every second and then projects this by up to 14 times (through both inducement and entraintment), upon an osciallation turning of 80 degrees. All the settings can be either altered through the dimmer switch at the base (with dimensions of 250 mm) or via remote control (that is magnetised so it can just sit neatly on the top of the AM02).

The AM02, I feel is best Dyson fan for cooling within a 'living room' or 'dining room' type situation (or from a business perspective: within a waiting room, open office or conference room scenario) - where through cooling the entire room quickly & evenly -- hence multiple people can benefit and as well there not being a distinct need for a focused airflow (and almost distracting) when relaxing. It also looks appealing enough (again available in an array of colours and styles) to be located in such an environment (in my view anyway).

The Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan

Dimensions - H: 1408 x W: 450 x  D: 180 mm | Weight: 4.3 lbs | Cord Length: 6.6 ft |

Arguably, this is the Dyson fan that's best for cooling as you can get the most powerful focused air flow from it. Although, it is intended for 'whole room' cooling, you can see from the design that you are able to direct an air flow straight into your direction (which can't be done to the same extent with the AM02 & the AM01 simply isn't as powerful) - through altering its height as well as its hoop. It draws in 8.71 gallons and amplifies this by up to 18 times - and so as you can imagine it is incredibly powerful - and will cool you down pretty much instantly. All the settings can are again controlled through its dimmer switch buttons located at the base (280 mm dimensions) as well as through the remote control.

The AM03 is ideal for the bedroom, as you can alter its height to be on par with (or tower over) your bed level & then you have the option for it to perform a direct constant airflow towards you or for it to perform an essentially 360 degree oscillation. Moreover, it is also the quietest of the models (with regards to power output), so won't keep you awake -- it is practically silent at the lower levels (which you will probably choose when trying to get to sleep) - the remote is also pretty handy to have as well, to save you getting out of bed. In all, if you want a Dyson fan purely for 'best cooling' then this is your model!

The Advantages of Dyson Fans

  • They Are Safe - obviously as they have no blades, they present absolutely no danger (especially for curious children).
  • Easy & Simple to Clean - and because they have no blades, they don't require a grill, so are much easier & quicker to clean than your regular 'bladed' fans.
  • 'Smooth' Airflow - the airflow produced from the air multipliers is smooth & is hence relaxing on the skin, most bladed fans however chops the air flow which can be felt as like a constant annoyance & physical irritation (especially for the eyes).
  • Stylish - they also all look rather modern, sleek & futuristic & hence fit in within most surroundings (each model is available in an array of colours). Also, because it obviously has no blades - this just allows for more light (and for you to see through it), creating a generally more open and pleasant feel to a room (especially for modern areas that are well lit with natural lighting etc.)
  • Two Year Warranty - when bought new for both parts & labour (an industry leading guarantee, certainly in the 'fan' market world).
  • Conversation Starter - I mean it isn't everyday you come across a fan with no blades, its pretty quirky.
  • They Can Save You Money - if you used in tandem with air conditioners, Dyson have quoted that they can reduce energy bills by as much as "20%" - practically paying for themselves over a minimal period of time.
  • For Anyone Who Has an Apple MacBook/iMac - (and love them) you will be able to identify with so many similarities with this fan - from the way it is packaged, how it looks, to how it performs and so on. Dyson are like the Apple of the fan world.

Which dyson fan will you buy and why? Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the showcase - the best dyson fan for cooling - or about any of the air multipliers models mentioned above - the AM01, AM02 or AM03, then please be sure to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.