When deciding what Dyson product to purchase, it becomes difficult. The product is so good that it is sort of like choosing between a decadent chocolate ice cream and a decadent double chocolate ice cream. It comes down to, what it is that you are looking for in a vacuum cleaner.

If you know what it is that you need, you have many options within the Dyson family of products to choose from. Below you will find a Dyson vacuum comparison for 6 different models. It is ultimately up to you the consumer to figure out what best suits your needs and those of your family.  

Dyson DC24 vs DC25

When making a comparison between the Dyson DC24 and DC25, it really all comes down to, how much vacuum you need. Both models are upright, and powered with cyclone technology. Both have HEPA filters with a lifetime guarantee, and are equipped with the Dyson ball technology.

They both work on all floors and have an extending wand to reach those hard to reach places. The difference between these two models, besides the price, is their size. The DC24 is perfect for smaller homes, and it is easily stored. The DC25 has a larger canister, and is bigger, making it ideal for large homes with lots of flooring.

Dyson DC21 vs DC23

When making a Dyson vacuum comparison between the most popular canister vacuums the DC21 and the DC23, you must consider the amount of power you are seeking and whether or not you have bad allergies or asthma. Both models are compact and easily stored.

They both come with the HEPA filter and a motorized automatic brush bar. The main difference between the two models is, where the DC21 just has the standard cyclone technology, the DC23 has cyclone 3 technology which gets a deeper clean. The DC23 unlike the DC21 is also certified as asthma and allergy friendly.

Dyson DC18 vs DC24

The DC18 and the DC24 are both lightweight upright vacuums, for smaller spaces. Both models come with a HEPA filter, extending wand, brush control and cyclone technology.

However, the DC24 comes with the Dyson ball technology, making it very useful for small spaces with tight corners. The DC18 is better for a place that has a little more open space to maneuver. The DC18 is also heavier than the DC24, so if you have back issues you may want to consider the model that is easier to lift and maneuver.

It is easy to get caught up in all of the incredible features that are available to you, when making a Dyson vacuum comparison. All it really comes down to, to choosing the vacuum that will best serve the needs of your day to day life, whether it be powerful suction, allergy prevention, or the ability to be stored and used in a confined space.

You should feel confident, however, choosing a Dyson product. The average customer rating on Amazon for most Dyson products is four out of five stars. That says a lot doesn't it?