What are the Top Rated 'Bare Floor' Dyson Vacuums to Buy?

If you are interested in getting a Dyson vacuum cleaner that carries out the best cleaning performance on hard bare floors -- then this mini showcase should be very helpful for you. Below, are two of Dyson's most powerful vacuums (the DC39 & DC41), which will ultimately perform the best cleaning job for you with regards to pick-up of dirt, dust etc. on your bare floors.

Which one you choose however, will come down to your specific preferences such as whether you prefer an upright to a canister vacuum? Ease of Use? Price & Value for money? etc. All of which will be analysed and contrasted below along with why you should also get hold of a particular attachment (the Dyson Articulating Hard floor tool) for use on hard floors.

Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Aug 20, 2016)

The Dyson DC41 Upright

Offering a huge 255 Air watts of suction of power (translating into twice the suction power of any upright vacuum on the market) along with updated integrated Radial Root cyclone technology (allowing it operate without a bag, not suffer with loss of suction & to generate incredibly high centrifugal forces to pick up microscopic dust particles) -- makes the DC41 indisputably one of the best vacuums you can get on the entire market in terms of cleaning power your bare flooring. However, what makes the DC41 specially to cleaning bare & hardwood floors is its advanced self-adjusting cleaner head that raises & lowers its profile depending on the floor type (lowering for hard floors) to allow for a more optimal clean (& to maximise suction through reducing potential loss) with it also altering the engaged brush bar to ultra fine nylon bristles.

Moreover, it offers extensive practical specifications also -- with its large bin capacity of 2.1 litres, and large max reach (telescope wand: + cord length). It is also provided, with a combination tool (which is basically a crevice tool that allows you to vacuum right to the edge of rooms giving you a complete clean as well as being able to double up with a brush nozzle to perform powered dusting) as well as a stair tool (which can be used on upholstery too). If you opt for the Animal version -- you also get the tangle free turbine tool (basically a specialised attachment for effectively removing pet hair). 

It has been engineered to be incredibly ergonomic & generally very easy to use -- with it being both lightweight (weighing in at just 7.6 kg) as well as being fitted with a centrally weight distributed ball mechanism allows you to essentially turn on a singular dime instantly (whereas with fixed the four rigid wheel standard vacuums you have to lug it back & forth).

The Dyson DC39 Canister

With regards to pure suction power this DC39 actually edges the DC41 somewhat by offering 280 AW of constant suction with integrated radial root cyclone technology (hence possesses all the benefits like that of the DC41 does with being balgess etc.). However, the DC39 doesn't come with an advanced cleaner suction head like that of the DC41 but does instead come with the articulating hard floor tool (when you buy the Animal version -- as well as the TriggerHead cleaner) -- which is a very, very highly rated attachment (which I recommend you get if you buy if you choose the DC41 model over the DC39) that has been proven to effectively remove all kinds of dirt, hair, debris from hard flooring -- incredibly easily & effectively. Therefore, in terms of cleaning performance, although it would be somewhat marginal (& both performing an excellent finish) -- the DC39 would edge it for cleaning on hard bare flooring.

With regards to practicalities though, the DC39 doesn't offer the same extensive practicalities having a smaller bin capacity (at 2 litres) as well as a short max reach (10 metres ) & cord length (6.5 metres ). They do have the same standard attachments however -- the combination tool & stair tool as well as getting the tangle-free turbine tool (which in itself is an effective means of vacuuming bare floors, if you have tricky intricate & tight areas and gaps that need vacuuming e.g. in between furniture).

Again, it has been designed with the user in mind being lightweight (7.5 kg) & one of the first canister vacuums to have been fitted with a centralised ball mechanism to allow for easy operation. Moreover, it has also undergone acoustic engineering to dampen & improve the noise level produced whilst vacuuming.

Update: the DC54 (an update to the DC39) is due soon.

Further Information

You should also note that when bought new both vacuums are backed by a 5 year guarantee that covers them for both parts & labour. Furthermore, they are fitted with a filtration system that prevents dust etc. from escaping into the air -- particularly beneficial for those with breathing issues.

Which Dyson Vacuum is the Best for Bare Floors? Which Should You Buy?

Clearly, both models will do a great job of cleaning your bare flooring from all sorts of debris, dust, pet hair etc. and although the DC39 arguably will do a slightly better job, the difference will really be marginal (especially visibly) & shouldn't be significant in choosing one over the other (especially if you were to buy the articulating hard floor tool with the DC41).

Other factors such as whether you would prefer to operate an upright vacuum or a canister vacuum should be considered (given both are designed with ergonomic use in mind) -- this does tend to be a subjective matter (if unsure I would suggest you give both a little try out e.g. in the local vacuum store). Furthermore, the respective 'price-tags' should also be considered, if one is a lot more expensive than the other (checking sites such as Amazon.com) then (to me) it is clear you would perhaps opt for the cheaper one. With regards to which version you should get (the Animal or multi-floor) -- basically just assess whether you need the tangle free turbine tool (& the prices involved e.g. is it cheaper to buy the DC41 multi-floor + tangle free turbine tool separately, than getting the Animal version). The practical specifications of the models may also be a factor for you -- if you have a particularly large household, then the extra max cleaning reach & bin capacity the DC41 offers will likely be quite useful to you.

Which model will you choose and why? Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns either regarding the article: the best Dyson for bare floors or about any of the models mentioned above (or any others related) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.