What are the Best Compact Dyson Vacuums for Apartment Living?

When looking for the best Dyson vacuum cleaners for an apartment you are basically after two main aspects that you want from your Dyson vacuum cleaner 1. it must be compact (as to not to take up too much room, as you will be somewhat limited on space) and 2. it is sufficiently powerful to do an excellent cleaning job -- this is what the below showcase of Dyson vacuums offer you. But you will also realise that you get variations within the vacuums that check those those specific boxes - for instance you need to consider whether you want a canister or an upright (or even a cordless?)

The Dyson DC50 Compact Upright

To me, the DC50 is pretty much your 'go to' Dyson vacuum for anyone who needs a powerful vacuum & is quite tight on living and storage space. Where despite being so compact (dimensions: 106.4 x 28 x 35.4 cm ), it offers the same suction power as that of a fully sized vacuum -- a pretty remarkable engineering achievement that is based on primarily two factors:

i) The upgraded two-tier radial root cyclone technology -- that allows it to generate super high centrifugal forces & motor to produce a 140 AW of constant suction enabling it to have an incredible pick up rate of large dirt to microscopic dust particles (such technology also allows it to operate without a bag & not to suffer with loss of suction). 

ii) A new re-configured cleaner head that has allowed for an improved pick-up rate of dust particles & general debris across all floor types (through combining four fundamental technologies to work in tandem). Moreover, it is self-adjusting to the type of floor that you are cleaning (through either raising or lowering its profile) to allow for an optimal clean -- it also automates the brush bar to remove ultra fine dust from hard flooring.

Because it is intended for cleaning small spaces (e.g. flats, apartments etc.) its practical features are rather minimal -- hence a bin capacity of just 0.8 litres and a max reach of 8.7 cm with the telescope wand & 7.6 m cord length. Moreover, because it is so compact -- this allows it to be ultra lightweight (the lightest upright vacuum in Dyson's entire range) weighing in at just 5.4 kg and with it being fitted with Dyson's latest centralized ball technology -- this makes using the DC50 incredibly agile & easy to use.

The Dyson DC47 Apartment Compact Canister

The DC47 operates on the same principle as the DC50 in many respects -- just instead an option for those who prefer a canister vacuum over that of an upright. Whereby it is fitted with the latest two-tier radial root cyclone technology (hence for its size is extremely powerful, slightly more so than the DC50 given it exhibits an extra 40 AW of constant suction i.e 180 AW) along with similar minimal practical features (slightly less than that of the DC50 -- bin capacity: 0.58 litres with a max reach of 8.3 m & cord length of 5 m) -- but because you are only cleaning an apartment you don't need an extensive cord length as it would serve no purpose but get in the way of your cleaning.

Moreover, the DC50 & DC47 also come with the same set of attachments -- the combination tool (which is basically a crevice tool which can be used for cleaning awkward gaps that also doubles up as a brush tool to allow for powered dusting essentially). Moreover, when you get the Animal version of either the DC47 or DC50 (rather than the multi-floor) you also get a specialised engineered turbine tool -- that effectively picks up pet hair: the tangle free turbine tool.

The same great maneuverability aspect remains as well with the DC47, where it operates on the updated centralized Dyson ball as well as being incredibly lightweight. The DC50 & DC47 are perfect options for those who are looking for a comfortable vacuum -- especially when the user may have mobility issues as they are elderly and/or suffer with arthritis et

The Cordless Digital Slim Mark III (DC59)

This super powerful cordless vacuum cleaner recently released from Dyson is also another great option for those looking for an ultra compact vacuum for an apartment. Whereby it offers the user complete convenience of use -- as it operates on the same suction power as that of a standard corded vacuum e.g. the DC24 at just under 100 AW of constant suction on boost mode (due to it being integrated with the two-tier radial root cyclone technology, a new configured cleaner head & more powerful battery). 

The obvious factor that is so easy to use since it is cordless (no wires getting in the way etc.) & lightweight (just 2.25 kg -- with the weight ergonomically distributed within the handle to provide the user with complete cleaning control whether it be low or high). Moreover, it has a highly useful feature in the fact that it is essentially a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner -- whereby it can be manipulated through removing the wand (the 66 cm tube) & attaching the crevice tool to turn it into a handheld vacuum (pretty much the Dyson DC58 handheld).

Of course, as with all cordless vacuum cleaners -- it is the run time that is the negative aspect, having said that it has the ability to run up to 26 minutes & which in that time you will have easily cleaned all around your apartment. Moreover, it comes with a wall mounted docking station to keep it neatly stored away & minimize general storage use.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
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(price as of Apr 27, 2015)

But which model will you choose & why?

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