Every Halloween, millions of people dress up as monsters and animals. If you want something that flaunts sexiness and fun, there is nothing better than hippie Halloween costumes.

Hippies are the ultimate symbol of freedom of America in the 1970s, but pulling off the look is easy. Pulling off a great hippie costume does not need any fancy clothing or expensive accessories.

You can create your own hippie costume for just a couple of dollars. All you need is dyed shirt and a couple of accessories that you can find in any department store. When you are looking for a dyed shirt, try to look for something has the peace logo.

The peace sign or logo is the symbol of the 1970 since it was during the Vietnam War. The hippies were instrumental in stopping the war and saving millions of American lives. If you cannot find a shirt that you like, make your own.

Just get an old white t-shirt and buy some dye from the department stores. You can even use different colors of dye so that you will get that rainbow colored shirt. Blue jeans are also necessary to pull off the hippie look.

If you do not own a pair of blue jeans, flared ones are also great. Aside from jeans, there are dresses that would make for a great hippie costume. These dresses are very colorful with different patterns and designs.

The next thing you need is a headband. If you are wearing a dress, it is best to go for a cloth headband. Make sure you get a fluffy and colorful headband to match your outfit. However, if your hair is short, you can go for earrings instead of a headband.

For the earrings, choose the ones that are very big and colorful. For the footwear, wear something simple. All you need is a pair of slippers or sandals.

This is one of the advantages of going for hippie Halloween costumes. You do not have to worry about foot pain from having to stand around for hours during the party. The last and most important part of the costume is the language.

Do not be afraid to joke around and use some words that real life hippie use. Hippie Halloween costumes are very affordable and easy to make.

There are even some ready to wear ones for less than $50 and you can even use them for regularly. Hippie costumers are great for summer getaways and for spring break.