The Best Ebook Reader

The Best Ebook Reader is question of if you want to pay for a wireless connection, or would rather do your own uploading of books. The Sony Ebook Reader allows you to download via your laptop or home computer and upload the books to your reader that way. Where as the Kindle Ebook reader differs because it works on a 3g network but this service you have to pay for.

This is the key difference between the two different types of Ebook Reader. Basically if you have some tech savvy skills you can log into websites and forums, for example MiRC and download books to your Sony Ebook Reader for a nominal Fee or even for Free. The Kindle doesn't accept as many different types of formats as the Sony does. But it has the convenience of being able to download via the 3G network and not have to go to the hassle of hooking up your ebook reader to the computer and then doing it manually. With the Kindle you can download your books while you are sitting on the bus or out and about.

The Sony allows you more options in terms of the types of formats of books that you can download, this usually means that there is more availability and your not stuck just with the books that kindle is promoting, both readers allow you to download e-books for free but the Sony makes things a little easier. So its sort of a toss up, if you are the type of person who likes to be on the go all the time and you don't mind paying a small fee for the convenience of downloading books while you are out and about then the kindle is definitely the ebook reader for you. If you are more tech savvy like myself , or just don't want to deal with paying for books (even if it is for a nominal fee) than the Sony E-Book reader is the way to go. Both E-Book readers are great. Ive tested them both out myself. And actually own both models, so I can do both travel and download books and also do it at home. So in the end it really comes down to personal preferences.