Gone are the days of the CD-ROM encyclopaedia. In todays digital world, the one of the best ways to teach children is through online learning programmes.

There was a time when most parents got excited about encyclopaedias. Before the turn of the century parents and children alike got most of their information from a range of sources, books and of course CD-ROM encyclopaedias. We are now far away from all that. The way we get information has definitely changed for example we get live news 24 hours a day. Similarly the way we teach children are also changing. There are children programmes and educational cartoons which children love to watch. They can pick up many things and often they don’t realise that they are learning at the same time.

There are interactive and educational websites for most academic subjects such as biology, maths, grammar, science, spelling or history. In addition there are online games for children including; alphabet games, vocabulary games, math games, action games, puzzles, card games, geography games and more.  There is no doubt that the concept of leaning in the digital era is outdated. Unfortunately we have not yet embraced or even understood the power of interactive learning. The down side is the addictive attitude towards fast moving objects leading to hyperactivity in children. But in an era where the current education system is failing, digital learning is perhaps the way to go.

Children love to be glued to the screen be it the TV, games, on monitors. These changing attitudes of children can be used to educate them. Some of the best educational websites with interactive games include;

Mathletics:  This is an online mathematics learning programme. It claims to be the next generation in online learning and it does live up to its expectations. Mathletics however is not free. It costs 39 pounds for one student for the whole year. It has a range of mathematical concepts to learn with live maths contest with others. There is no Matheletics is a brilliant concept to increase maths abilities in children.

Spellodrome: This is a programme owned and maintained by Mathletics and it costs 20 pounds for 1 year.

Starfall: Based on phonics, Starfall remains one of the best online English reading resources. It consists of alphabet songs to advanced reading in a very interactive way. The best thing about Starfall is that it’s free.

Skoolplusplus: This website is based on slightly advanced levels and there are great videos to be watched mostly relating to mathematical concepts. Those children with a particular interest in maths will benefit from this complex mathematical problem website.  

Other educational websites include; Arcademicskillbuilders, Skoolplusplus,  Kubbu educational activities, The Atlas Obscura, Make magazine’s videos makezine, Top marks, Arkive and History Today.