Children and Electronics

Children of today have such a variety of toys with which to play. These both combine learning and having fun at the same time, giving them the best opportunities to learn in my opinion.  They can play board games, which have been around for years or science type games.  Although, today the world is so absorbed with electronics that our children need to keep up with this type of technology.

I understand parents being worried about their young children becoming fixated with spending too much time in front of a screen, whether it be the TV, Computer, or any other electronic device. On the other hand, children still need to keep up with the digital age. Parents need to be responsible and control the amount of time their child plays with them, ensuring they still play outside in the fresh air.

Space shipCredit: ClipartCoUkOf course, this will vary on the age of each child.  I am of the opinion that young toddlers need to interact more with nature and not too much technology. Give them the age-old toys, where they learn about nature, colour and the feel of things around them.

Pre-school age children could be limited to an hour a day learning to use an electronic toy. Never ever let electronics become your child’s new babysitter.  Parents still have to oversee what their children are doing. It only takes a second to turn your safe world upside down.

Electronic Toys for Pre-Schoolers

Choosing the right electronic and learning tools for your children is not easy. Although when thinking of buying anything you need to do your research and read all the reviews written by people who have bought similar items, to help you with the best choices.

Use that as a guide before spending your hard-earned money.  Then make up your own mind on which one offers the best for your particular child.

Preschool Laptop

This is a great way to introduce your child to electronics. Its fold up screen makes it simple to take anywhere. It comes with its own carry handle making it easier for the little hands to hold.

Small Laptop

Small World Toys Preschool - First Laptop B/O
Amazon Price: $29.99 $26.98 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 16, 2015)
This is a great fun and colourful toy for little kids. It is not too big measuring 12.5'' Wide x 8.5'' Deep x 6.25'' High. The little screen lights up when the child presses the buttons

VTech Preschool Learning Alphabet Apple

This toy is so simple to use that I believe it is ideal for most children and easy to use for a disabled child too. It does not take a lot of interaction from any child and each movement will instigate lights coming on and different sounds of music playing, which will keep the children interested.

This will encourage any child to want to play or interact with the product.

VTech Alphabet Apple
Amazon Price: $21.99 $19.84 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 16, 2015)
This comes with an easy to carry handle and eight different activities. The children can learn the alphabet letters and many other surprises like the worm and do not forget the clock. This is a great way to teach your child how to tell the time. So many children miss this because they use the digital clocks. Therefore cannot tell the time by a street clock.

Electronics for School Age Children

Advanced Bilingual Learning Laptop for Kids with Full Colour Screen and Mouse + Learn English / Spanish + Educational Games for Children

This is a great toy for children to encourage the stimulation of the child's brain and at the same time gives them the chance of learning two different languages. If the child normally speaks English, it will help teach her Spanish. Likewise, for the Spanish child they can learn how to speak English.  This is great these days as the world is more multilingual giving children a better understanding and chance of speaking to each other in different languages.

In addition, they can play many games on this.

Bilingual Learning Laptop

Advanced Bilingual Learning Laptop for Kids with Full Color Screen and Mouse + Learn English / Spanish + Educational Games for Children
Amazon Price: $49.95 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 16, 2015)
This little beauty comes with a full color 4" screen just like mum and dads. The kids will have fun learning how to play music notes. At the same time while playing games they can learn their alphabet, different objects, shapes and a variety of words and sounds.

VTech - V.Smile Pocket Learning System

This is ideal for your child to play games and use as an educational learning system.  Although this is larger than a DVD Player.  They supply a/v cable for easy hook up to your TV. Four AA batteries, the manual, and a wrist strap.

This has a full-colour screen with a 320 by 240 resolution.These products have big buttons especially made for little hands. Great challenging games to keep your youngster interested in playing and learning from them.  Great to use while traveling in the car or anywhere while on the go.

Cons:  Take care with the screen as it could succumb to scratches. 

V.Smile Pocket Learning System

VTech - V.Smile Pocket Learning System
Amazon Price: $99.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 16, 2015)
This will keep your child interested for hours of pleasure. Complete with games that will improve their skills with solving problems, spelling, maths, and phonics. In addition, the kids will not tire of playing these games and the best part - they are learning at the same time as having fun without realizing it.

Pros of Young Children Using Electronics

  • Children learn from this innovative teaching aid
  • Children learn, and at the same time have fun
  • Electronics prepare them for their future in technology

Cons of young children using electronics [1]

  • Too much use may attribute to ill-health
  • Children sitting too much indoors can lead to obesity
  • Children stay indoors, they need to play games and exercise outside in the fresh air

Please share your ideas on other suggestions for the correct usage by children using electronics early in life.

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