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Best Electric Guitars For Under $1000 DollarsThe best electric guitars for under 1000 dollars can be found in music instruments retail stores as well as online. However, some musicians prefer to buy guitars online because some of these items are sold with big discounts ranging from 5% to as high as 20%. Two of such well-known online stores that sell these musical instruments in their respective inventories are eBay and Amazon. Among the two, Amazon is much well known. It has become a trusted seller of physical products worldwide. Of you are looking for the right electric guitar that suits your preferences, it is practical to search for it online first. Searching first online is much convenient and you can get big discounts as well.

Here are some of the best yet affordable electric guitars for sale online today at discounted prices:

Fender American Special Stratocaster Electric Guitar

If you are fond of music, you’re sure that you have seen this guitar played by some of the world’s greatest electric guitar players like Richie SamboraBest Electric Guitars In The World of Bon Jovi. This Fender brand guitar features a quality fretboard made from maple wood with jumbo frets, and has a satin-finished neck with 9.5” freeboard radius. The fretboard allows you play the guitar with ease, do some easy string-bending moves and riffs. You can get this online at a discounted price of $799.99 subject to price changes. Its original listing price on is $1,249.99, thus you’ll be able to make big savings of up to $450! The Fender brands of electric guitars are classic guitars and played by the greatest electric guitarists. You’ll feel like a rock star just by playing one.

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Gibson Les Paul Studio 60s Tribute Electric Guitar, Worn Honey Burst
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(price as of Jul 16, 2013)

Epiphone B.B. King Lucille Archtop Electric Guitar
Electric Guitars Reviews
This type of classic electric guitar usually comes in ebony color. The Epiphone brand of electric guitars is one of the well-known brands of electric guitars that you can get for under $1000 online. Its body and top is made from laminated maple wood and has a 24.75 scale fretboard made from Rosewood. This electric guitar was designed by B.B. King, the king of blues music, and is named after him. The guitar features a unique voice created by the design complemented with its maple construction with a TP-6 tailpiece for fine-tuning and Tune-o-matic bridge - these allow for a precise guitar intonation. Currently, this guitar is sold online at a discounted price of $699.99 from an original listing price of $1,165. Although subject to price changes, you can get a big discount of $466 as of today.

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Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric GuitarElectric Guitars For Sale Amazon

This one could be considered as one of the best electric guitars for under 1000 dollars that you can purchase online today. This brand of electric guitar is well-known around the world having been used by famous electric guitarists like Slash of Guns ‘n Roses. The Gibson Les Paul electric guitar features a classic ‘50s neck profile on a rosewood fingerboard with stylish acrylic trapezoid inlays. The latest design features a mahogany back with maple cap as well. If you try to check this on, this Gibson brand musical instrument has a current discounted price of $529.99, subject of course to price changes. You can get a whooping $669 in savings if you get to buy this one today.

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Schecter Ultra VI Black Electric Guitar
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This Schecter-made electric guitar is a Duncan-designed FG 101 with grover tuners and chrome hardware. It features a TonePros System technology which provides for the finest tunes when playing the guitar. The system is complemented with custom brass saddles and the grover tuners. It is one of best yet cheap electric guitars for sale online because of its current discounted price of $649. You can check the guitars features and specifications on

These are just some of the best electric guitars for under 1000 dollars that you can have today. Let this list guide you in choosing the right electric guitar fit for your taste and preferences.