Best Electric Guitars Under $500

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So you've decided to purchase a good, cheap electric guitar, and you're just starting to investigate the market. Where should you begin your search? There isn't too much you need to know when you're looking for the best electric guitars under $500. You can get a whole lot of guitar for that price point, and you won't be disappointed. However, you should be aware of what you might run into. 

This article on the best electric guitars under $500 will also bring you up to speed with a few well known brands and guitar models that might pique your interest. We'll look at the basic equipment you can expect to find on any electric guitars for beginners, and the review section will hopefully explain further what you can find out there. 

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Best Electric Guitars Under $500: Models and Equipment

When you're searching for the best electric guitars under $500, you need to be aware that there are some really crappy guitars out there! I always recommend to a buyer, especially a first timer looking for a good electric guitar review, that you should avoid strange or unbranded guitars. There's just no telling what you'll find in them. I made the mistake of purchasing a guitar sight unseen on Ebay. The basic construction was decent, but I had to sink money into it upgrading just about all the electronics and setup. 

You can find some of the best electric guitars under $500 in almost any body type, so you should pick which kind you prefer (based on the shape, sound and playability with your style) and narrow your search that way. For example, you can find good, cheap electric guitars in the common stratocaster and telecaster body styles, as well as Gibson-styled bodies, arch-tops, hollowbody guitars, and many others. Each of these types sound different, and offer a unique sound. 

Also, be aware that since your good, cheap electric guitar will require some electronics to run, you'll need to look into an amp and cables. Remember that a great guitar will be foiled by poor gear, so don't skimp in this area!

Best Electric Guitars Under $500: Fender Standard Strat

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The first electric guitar review here is the Fender Stratocaster. You can find a standard Fender Strat almost anywhere for roughly $400. Most in this price range are made in Mexico, and the standard of construction and materials used is very good. The Fender Strat is a classic, and it's got a great sound, definitely one of the best electric guitars for beginners or experts alike. 

Tone and sustain are always great on a Fender Strat, and many are set up with extra features like a whammy bar or humbucker pickups. I personally like the single coil pickups and the 5 way switcher for a variety of sounds. All in all one of the very best electric guitars under $500, and can be found virtually anywhere. 

Best Electric Guitars Under $500: Danelectro Dano Pro

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The Danelectro Dano Pro is next in our electric guitar reviews. The Dano Pro is a vintage inspired instrument that has tone and attitude written all over it. The lipstick styled pickups are great for tone, fuzz and sparkly clean sound. Lots of snap and rip to the sound produced by this good, cheap electric guitar. 

You can purchase the Danelectro Dano Pro for around $250-$400, so it is extremely affordable. It's not the fanciest or most feature loaded guitar available, but it looks great and it's perfect for anything from clean lead to rockabilly. Certainly one of the best electric guitars under $500. Well under!

Best Electric Guitars Under $500: Godin Redline 1

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I had to throw this in my reviews of the best electric guitars under $500: the Godin Redline 1. I have a soft spot for Godin, partly because they are Canadian made (like me!), and partly because they're truly excellent instruments for the asking price. Very subtle in its design cues, the Godin Redline is a treat to play. Expect a very 'rock' tuned sound, with the single humbucker pickup the only source of signal on the thing. It can be found for around $450-$500. 

The Godin Redline 1 is a good, cheap electric guitar that is straightforward and easy to work with. You can get a decent clean tone through the humbucker if you keep the volume low too! It's also light and very fast to play (meaning you can move up and down the neck easily.)

Check out the Godin Redline 1 for one of the best electric guitars under $500!