Top Rated Electric Scooters for Children

When you’re looking to buy a very good electric scooter for your children, you will probably want to make sure that it’s a good model that will work well and put up with a wide variety of knocks and scrapes. The good news is there are a lot of pretty good models out there right now; it can just be hard choosing which one is the right one for your child. The good news is that I've managed to find four of the best ones around, which means your search will be so much easier. 

The Super Turbo 800 watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter by Super Cycles & Scooters

Top Speed: 15 miles per hour | Shipping weight: 95 pounds | 

This model certainly looks the part and it certainly performs well. The nice red and blue finish makes it look like a bit of a mean machine, and it certainly lives up to expectations. This could just well be one of the most powerful electric scooters for kids on the market right now, but that is no cause for concern as it will not go more than 15 miles per hour.

Your little one will be able to travel up to 18 miles on a full battery, but please ensure they are supervised by a responsible adult at all times. With an LED headlight, your child should be able to see where he or she is going, but it’s also great to know that they will also be seen too. With the ability to carry up to 300 pounds in weight, this super turbo scooter is a great one that will not let you down. 

The Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter by Razor

Top Speed: 15 miles per hour | Shipping weight: 93 pounds | 

Available in four different colors Betty (Pink), Vapor (Black), Sweet Pea (Violet) and Hot Mod (Red), the Pocket Mod electric scooter is sure to impress any child and any adult too. Sometimes kids get all the best toys, and in this case they certainly do. The design is basically that of a scaled down scooter, which means it looks like a miniature version of the real thing.

Razor Pocket Mod (Sweet Pea)
Amazon Price: $299.99 $186.93 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 1, 2013)

What’s more is this lovely piece of machinery can take the rider up to 10 miles on a full charge. With the ability to carry anyone who weighs up to 175 pounds, this electric scooter is certainly ideal for many kids.

The large 12 inch pneumatic tires will last a long time and the great suspension means you will have a very smooth ride, no matter what surface you’ll be travelling on. Suitable for anyone aged 12 or above, this little beauty is able to reach speeds of 15 miles per hour, which isn’t bad at all. The nice vintage design will appeal to any child who loves the retro look, and the chain driven motor ensures there is a maximum transfer of power. 

The kickstand which can be found at the rear of the scooter makes for easy parking and the 90 day warranty helps you to get the peace of mind you need to let your child zoom about on this very classy electric scooter. 

The Technologies eZip 500 Electric Scooter by Currie Technologies

Top Speed: 18 miles per hour| Item weight: 18.4 pounds |

If your little one is looking for a scooter with a more classic look, then this scooter will not disappoint. Made to last, and with a lovely blue and black finish, this scooter is sure to stand out from the crowd as it’s very stylish. At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking this scooter is a regular one, but it hides an engine that comes with 500 watts and a battery that will take your child for a ride for up to eight miles on a full charge.

Currie Technologies 500 eZip Electric Scooter (Blue)
Amazon Price: $449.00 $399.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 1, 2013)

The top speed is an impressive 18 miles per hour, which is faster than a lot of battery powered electric scooters you can buy, so you might want to make sure your children are able to control it before you let them loose. With a maximum weight of 56 pounds, this great-looking scooter is suitable for children of all shapes and sizes, and the LED display will let the driver know just how much battery is left, so he or she is not stranded too far from home.

The great news about this scooter is it comes with a specialized fork that prevents over-steering; this is good as it means your little one is less likely to fall off the scooter and hurt themselves. 

The E300S Seated Electric Scooter by Razor

Top Speed: 15 miles per hour| Item weight: 20 pounds |

Available in blue, pink or grey, the Seated Electric Scooter gets your child to really experience independence as they go out and about. The super-sized deck means riders of all sizes and shapes can fit on the scooter without any safety worries, and the rear brake which can be operated by hand, ensures extra safety. 

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter (Matte Gray, 41 x 17 x 42-Inch)
Amazon Price: $289.99 $210.42 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 1, 2013)

With a maximum weight of 220 pounds and up to 45 minutes of usage on one battery charge, this scooter is a powerful one that your children are sure to love. The 90 day warranty means you can have peace of mind and assurance that the scooter is built to a high standard and the 10 inch pneumatic tires ensure a very smooth ride each and every time. 

Moreover, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview account of the best electric scooters for kids or about any of the scooters featured above then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below the fold and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.