What is the Top Rated Electric Toothbrush for Receding Gum Lines?

Receding gums may be an early sign of gum disease, but don’t despair. There is something that can be done now to prevent further damage to gums and improve comfort when brushing your teeth. When gums recede, more of the tooth - especially the lower part that is closest to the sensitive nerves - is exposed. This can cause discomfort when brushing, particularly if an improper toothbrush or brushing technique is used.

Causes of Receding Gums

Some common causes of receding gumlines include natural hormonal changes like the onset of pregnancy or menopause in women, or the fact that a person is a smoker. But it is more common that receding gums are a result of inadequate brushing which has allowed excess plaque to build up between teeth, or tooth brushing that is too aggressive, which causes the protective enamel to wear down prematurely.

Oral-B 5000

The best way to improve comfort of the teeth and gums and to stop further damage relating to a receding gum line is to use a professional quality brush like the Oral-B 5000 (the #1 recommended toothbrush by Dentists). When it comes to cleaning teeth, this toothbrush is the best in class and will remove 99.7% of plaque - even from back teeth. The brush has five unique brushing modes; daily clean, sensitive, whitening, massage, and deep clean.

Solution for Sensitive Gums

Most importantly for consumers with sensitive gums, however, is how this brush really works. It includes a pressure sensor that will stop pulsations when the brush is applied too firmly. This toothbrush will literally tell you when you are brushing too hard, so you can lighten up on your gums. Over time it will improve your technique. The brush is gentle on gums and teeth, and consistent use will actually improve the health of gums. Your gums will thank you indeed.

Specialized Toothbrush Heads

As you might have seen with Oral B they have a collection of toothbrush heads for different oral cleaning jobs, other brands just have one to carry out everything (which doesn't really make sense). In the case of improving gum health I would advise you go for either the Oral B floss action which comes with a sophisticated micropulse system to get to hard to reach areas and is highly effective for gum health or the Oral B 'Dual Clean' brush head.

Proper Tooth Brushing Feedback

The Oral-B 5000 comes with a SmartGuide unit that is separate from the brush and indicates exactly how to brush and for how long, removing any guesswork. It will instruct a user when to move to a new quadrant of the mouth and will signal an alert when you are brushing too hard. This is important because many people simply brush too hard without realizing it. The intuitive feedback from the SmartGuide will solve that problem right away. As a bonus, when the full brushing time is reached, a motivating smiley face appears on the display, leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Additional Benefits of Oral-B for Gum Recession

Users of the Oral-B 5000 love this addition to their oral hygiene routine. In addition to that just home from the dentist feel, the brush massages the gums perfectly while giving a professional clean result. The vibration is easy and stimulating on the gums and the brushes have just the right amount of strength without being too rigid. 

In addition, the brush does a fantastic job of cleaning in the hardest to reach places like back molars that are much harder to properly clean with a manual toothbrush. You can say goodbye to rough back teeth as they will be as clean as the others. As an added bonus, the handle is very comfortable to grip and a handy travel case means that you don’t have to leave your valued toothbrush at home on your next trip.

To prevent gum recession, brush and floss every day and visit the dentist on a regular basis. At home, the best medicine is to use a professional tool like the Oral-B 5000 that will insure you brush each zone just right without too much pressure. As the most recommended brand in the world, Oral-B brushes can be trusted to make a real difference in your oral health from the moment you begin to use it.

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As you can see from all the points above clearly the Oral B 5000 stands in good stead to claim the best electric toothbrush for receding gums , given it out performs its closest rivals (in terms of cleaning performance and actual gum health stimulation) as well as offering a variety of cleaning modes and toothbrushes for you to specialize your clean -- which is vital for when you are treating/cleaning a specific oral issue as a receding gum line.