We all like to think of our home as our safe haven or castle. A soft place to land at the end of a long hard day. But what about security? You lock your doors at night, and your windows, and maybe you have a driveway sensor or motion sensor lights, but what about that pet door?

Before you have visions of some intruder trying to get in through a foot square opening, think about what other things can come in that flap? Security does not just mean intruders on 2 feet, but can also mean animals on 4 feet. They may not come in and rob you blind, but do you really want the neighbors cat wreaking havoc in your house in the middle of the night?

Before you roll over laughing, it happens a lot. A friend of mine had a raccoon come in through hers, and she found it in the middle of the night snacking on food on the counter.

So, she invested in an electronic one. She has a little dog, that uses this automatic flap all the time, and she needed something a bit more secure.

These come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and fit just like a regular one, but with added security. These flaps will only open for your pooch or kitty, as your pet will have to wear a special collar. Think of the collar as a "door opener" just like the garage ones.

But in this case the dogs collar will trigger it to open, and it will close behind him or her as soon as she gets in the house. So, the only downfall to this idea is that your dog must wear this special collar to get in or out.

But this is not too tall an order if you have ever experienced finding a raccoon sitting on your counter in the middle of the night. So, you might also be thinking, depending on what part of the world you live in, what other critters could be brazen enough to come through that opening?

Here are Two examples

These electronic ones, come with complete instructions for installation, and detailed instructions on getting your dog used to this automatic setup. These products come in sizes for up to 100 pound dogs. PetSafe SmartDoor, Large (up to 100 lbs)

Pet Safe Smart Door - Your dog wears the "smartkey" on his collar, and this unlocks it. The sensor range can be adjusted up to 3 feet. Once your pet goes in, it will automatically lock itself. It is very rigid and can't be pushed in or out, making this a very robust door.


PetSafe SmartDoor, Large (up to 100 lbs)
Amazon Price: $239.99 $119.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 19, 2013)

In the past, raccoons had figured out how to pull the flap outwards, and gaining entry in through the opening, but with the new design of this Pet Safe Smart Door, this will not happen. Another great feature is that the special smart collar will not interfere with invisible fencing systems.

Once you have trained your dog to get used to this electronic flap, then you will have the piece of mind, knowing that raccoons and other night critters are not going to gain access through this same opening.

Dog Mate - This electronic pet door, is designed and geared towards smaller dogs and cats. It runs on the same idea as the Pet Safe one above, but for smaller pets. They still have to have the special collar key, which you may have to train them to wear, and the same with any outside cats you may have that you allow in and out of the house.

The above two are the most common and have received great reviews. They have great detailed instructions for installation and tips on training your pets to wear and use the smart collar.

 These products will give you that security knowing that only your pet is coming in the house and not the neighborhood cats, raccoons, rats, snakes and more!