LED Lantern is Much Better than a Flashlight

Hands down the Rayovac SE3DLN Sportsman Xtreme 300-Lumen LED Lantern is the best camping and emergency light I’ve ever owned. A few years ago, looking for a new light to take on a camping trip in Maine near where my sister lives, I took a trip to the mall and checked out a couple of big department stores. What I found was pretty bleak -- most lanterns either are too heavy or because of AA batteries, too weak. The Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern is great because it uses “D” batteries, but only three so it’s not like carrying a brick. And with the "D" batteries it lasts longer than little "AA" pen-light batteries. It’s very cool -- and I found the LED bulb pretty high-powered. Best of all, you can usually find these for less than $25 bucks - definitely under $30. And at that price point, I am adding this lantern to my Christmas giving list this year. I'll definitely be watching for any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on these and I'll probably buy a few!

COMPACT SIZE AND WEIGHTRayovac-LED-Lantern-Camping-Emergency-Light

I like that the Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme Lantern is so compact. It’s only 10-inches high. It’s just over a pound without batteries, about 2 and 1/2 pounds with the three “D” batteries. I can’t understand why so many people consider a flashlight sufficient for camping. A solid lantern is a must-have item in my opinion.


The Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme Lantern has three settings for use: high, low, and strobe. The manufacturer claims 72-hours on high and 150-hours on low. I never really timed it that closely, but I feel it lasts a long time. (But we always keep an extra set of batteries around to be sure.) The LEDs are so efficient that I should have switched sooner. It’s pretty rugged and durable -- made out of hard ABS plastic and rubberized handle. And yes, we’ve dropped it more than once, and it’s holding up fine. Rayovac has a lifetime warranty, not sure what it covers beyond defects, but I doubt they cover me dropping it - so I won’t. It's great that it's water-resistant too because somtimes it starts to sprinkle or rain before you can move everything into the tent!


It has its own little “EZ-find” light to help you locate the lantern in the dark, but I think it’s unnecessary. The blinking helps you find it easily, and doesn’t really drain the power that much, but I think people who spend time camping or outdoors in general know to leave the light in a consistent place. The lantern can even be left on its tent hook when not in use, so the beacon light is my least favorite feature -- although it’s not a deal breaker.


I love my Rayovac Sportsman Xtreme LED Lantern -- it’s been great for camping, once around the house when the power went off in a storm, and for a small basement project. I know an electrical contractor who brings one of these to every job - he says it’s better than a flashlight, and cooler than a miner’s helmet! So for emergencies I’m probably going to get a second one of these soon for the trunk of my car -- but I’ll leave the batteries out to keep the EZ-finder strobe from rendering it useless if I have a roadside problem. Maybe someone on my Cyber Monday Christmas gift list will get a Rayovac SE3DLN Sportsman Xtreme 300-Lumen LED Lantern this year too! Don’t ask, you know who you are!