Kids just like anyone else sometimes require extra energy too. Providing that extra energy doesn't have to be done by taking them on a sugar high. I know its hard to believe kids sometimes lack energy, but they can as well. The best energy bars for kids are important in helping them get good amounts of nutrition to provide proper strength, and provide a healthy childhood for them. You need to be aware of which is the best energy bars for kids. First off, no kid should be taking a meal replacement energy bar. Kids need their three meals a day.

An energy bar should be looked as more of a nutrition snack. The best ones should contain a low amount of calories, a high amount of protein, decent amount of carbs, and good amount of minerals and vitamins. I'd recommend looking at some organic energy bars. Especially if you have a hard time getting your kid to eat vegetables, and fruits, then energy bars are perfect alternative ways to getting that needed nutrition into their diets. Down below are some of the very best energy bars for kids.

Best Organic Energy Bars for Kids

Clif Zbar energy bars have been rated number one for kids online at consumer search. These are some of the very best organic energy bars for kids to eat, and enjoy as a snack. It's not loaded up on sugar to rely on energy. A great source of calcium is featured for strong growing bones for kids. It contains natural whole grain, which provides an excellent source of energy. It's completely organic and contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors. 12 vitamins and minerals are included. Plenty of different flavors are available, and its very easy to get kids eating this energy bar. You can purchase for a good price online at


Cliff Bar Zbar for Kids

Best Protein Energy Bars for Kids

Protein is so essential to kids. Kids rely more heavily on protein, and maybe they're not getting enough of it in their diet. A lack of protein will develop a lack of development in their body and provide a lack of energy for kids. One of the best energy bars for kids that's low in calories, but high in protein is the Balance Bar Pure Banana Cashew. 9 grams of protein and just 190 calories make it the perfect kind of snack bar for kids. It will increase their stamina throughout the day, and allow them to feel better mentally and physically. It doesn't have quite a lot of minerals and vitamins though. You can purchase online at the health superstore.

Tiger's Milk Nutrition Bar

Tiger's Milk Protein Rich Energy Bar, 1.23-Ounce Bars, 24 Count (Pack of 2)
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The Tiger's Milk Bar is just as good when it comes to providing a good source of energy. It's more highly recommended, since it contains a good source of vitamins and minerals. It contains a good amount of peanut butter. Over 11 grams of protein, and between 18 minerals and vitamins are found. It's pretty tasty, so you shouldn't have a problem getting your kids to fall in love with these nutritious, but delicious energy bars. Both adults and kids can enjoy these health bars, and feel reinvigorated and much more energized throughout the day. It makes for a great snack to have along with your breakfast. You can purchase online at amazon.