Some fingers are naturally big. Even when you have a normal weight, if your parents have fat fingers, you are most likely going to have one if you don’t have one already. Men couldn’t care less if they have fat fingers but some women are bothered by it. Before I proceed in giving you tips on how to choose the best engagement or wedding ring for fat fingers, do know that it really doesn’t matter whether your fingers are fat or thin, long or short. Be thankful that you have a finger and that someone is putting a ring on it.

Next, there hasn’t been a time, in my 3 decades of existence around jewelleries, when someone looks at someone’s hand with an engagement ring or wedding ring and say, “That ring doesn’t fit your fat fingers.”

If, however, you want to simply improve how you see your own fingers with the engagement ring or wedding ring on it, here are some things to consider.

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Bigger is Better

Rings for Fat Fingers(115937)Credit: favim.comIt’s one of the most well-known tips when advising someone big on how to put on accessories. A ring is no different. The bigger the ring, the better it will look on your finger because it gives the ring and the finger some proportion.

However, be careful and avoid looking ridiculous. Remember that engagement rings and wedding rings are “solemn” items you wear. It is supposed to represent a vow to stay together forever, not to display how expensive it is.

Avoid the “Cupcake”

Rings for Fat Fingers(115938)Credit: you ever seen someone wear jeans that are so tight on the waist area that extra skin and fats “spill”? it looks like a cupcake. This happens because women refuse to buy jeans that they deem “too big”. They choose to buy jeans with smaller sizes even when it is too small for them. It’s embarrassing not because you have big waists but because you choose to look ridiculous. Buy the right size of jeans and the same thing is true with rings.

Don’t buy rings that are too small that it will look like you are strangling your fingers. Buying a ring with a smaller size does not make your finger look smaller. On the contrary, it makes your finger look bigger.

Adjustable Ring

Entertain the thought of buying an adjustable ring. An adjustable ring is when the band is not closed. The ends are open allowing you to pull it apart more or push it together closer.

There are also rings that have one band but goes on a loop several times and the ends of the band are not connected to the other end. That allows you to adjust the ring, to loosen it or tighten it.

Styles for Fat Fingers

There are also different shapes or sizes that make a fat finger look thinner or longer.

Big Bands

Handmade Engagement Ring(117233)Choosing a thin band will make your finger “drown” your ring. It is better if you choose an engagement ring or a wedding ring with wider bands. Again, it’s about proportion. Make sure the band is wide enough to cover at least a third of the length of your finger’s first fold. The first fold start where your finger start from your palm to where the bone connects to the next bone.

Multiple Bands

Rings for Fat FingersCredit: themoderntype.comAs mentioned above, you may choose a series of thin bands to make a thicker band. You can stack it up. The multiple bands allow you to play around with the design, too. Each band can have a different texture or different details. More importantly, it allows the ring to cover the right amount of space on your finger.

Three Stone or Other Intricate Design

Rings with Intricate DesignsCredit: eragem.comCreating a ring that has intricate details or have something with elaborate designs will take away the attention from your finger and onto the ring.

Those flower- or garden-themed rings are good examples of intricate designs. The beauty of the details will naturally draw the eyes.

You may also have a ring that is filled with small stones that surround a big stone. Use different gems with different colors too. Again, the more elaborate the design, the more it will draw the eyes away from the size of the finger and onto the ring.

Oval or Marquise

Rings for Fat Fingers(115940)Credit: krikawa.comOval stones or marquise stones will help elongate the finger. It is what we call an optical illusion. Observe how clothes with vertical stripes make someone look thinner and longer. The same principle may be applied to a ring. When the ring is long, it makes the fingers look long. Even if the fingers are fat, the proportion makes it look thinner.  

Dark Gems

You may also opt for gems and bands with darker colors. As you may know by now, dark colors, like black, make someone look thinner. The same principle is applied to rings. Gems with darker colors make the finger look smaller.

Also, you may want to go for metals with darker colors for the band.

Uneven Band Width

There are bands that have the same width all throughout. You may opt for a ring that is thin on the side that goes to the inside of your palm and becomes thicker as it goes to the side that goes on the outer side of your finger.

You may also opt for eclectic band shapes and widths. There are wavy bands, as well. The point is for the ring to be thick enough and intricate enough to draw attention.

Textured Bands

Most wedding rings are simple bands. Since it doesn’t have a gem, there is less opportunity for you to create something elaborate. You may, however, do any of the following:

  • put some designs on the band
  • engrave with words or with different patterns
  • use different metals with different colors on one band
  • have a puzzle ring
  • use a gimmel ring
  • vine-like bands

Last Words

Another thing you can do to help your finger look longer is to make sure it is smooth. Moisturize it and avoid leaving it dry. A smooth skin looks tighter, tight in the right way, that is.  


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