You will need the best ergonomic office chair that you can find if you sit in the office all day.There are lots of high quality ergonomic chairs and desks available in the market these days, unfortunately they are often very expensive.

One may ask if there really are any huge health benefits of having an ergonomic office chair or is this another way for the vendors to take your hard earned money?

A happy worker is also a productive worker, there is nothing new in this.It is also true that a happy worker needs to feel comfortable in his or her workplace.Is an ergonomic office chair more comfortable than a normal office chair and can the price be justified?

When I started working from home full-time with blogging and internet marketing in 2006 I purchased a normal office chair because I did not know any better.I sat in front of my computer for a few hours and had to take a walk just to get my circulation flowing.It was very uncomfortable.

Just after I made my first ten sales from my online business I started looking for a better solution because it was very hard to work, so I purchased a cheap typist chair for $45 and I used for around 6 months before I started getting back pain sitting in front of the computer all day.First I thought it was something all people get when they sit all day, like an occupational hazard.Then I started looking around
on the Internet and realized that there is so called ergonomic office furniture available, especially designed for people who do office work.

I finally decided to invest in my business and myself, so I purchased the best ergonomic office chair I could find and in a couple of days my back pain was gone.I still have the same chair and working is very comfortable and productive.The chair was expensive but it was the best purchase I have ever made so far.I can highly recommend an ergonomic office chair to anyone who does office work.

Here are 6 helpful tips when you are looking for the best ergonomic office chair:

1.Choose an office chair that has a 5 legged base with castors.This gives the chair much needed stability when moving around and reclining.

2.The backrest must support your upper and lower back.Pick a chair where the backrest is incorporated in flexible material that shapes itself and supports your whole back.A chair with multiple adjusters that are built into the backrest is another great option.

3.An ergonomic office chair has adjustable and wide arm rests.This allows you to rest your arms comfortably while working.

4.In order to support your nether regions, choose a chair where the seat-squab is wide.

5.The chair´s covering needs to be made of breathable material for air circulation.This prevents you from getting hot and sticky.

6.The seat´s height needs to be adjustable.You need to sit in a position where your are squarely on the floor and your thighs remain parallel to the floor.

It was not so difficult finding an ergonomic office chair with these qualities, but it was expensive.It was money well spent because now I can work for much longer time and my productivity is great.Nowadays I can work for ten hours without any problems at all, even though I should not do so.There is much more to life than just work.

If you are working at home all day and have back pains, then I highly recommend you start looking for the best ergonomic office chair.It is not cheap but you will soon realize it is the best investment in your business and in your health you could ever have done.