Best Espresso Maker 2012 Under $300

If you are looking to get hold of a quality espresso machine, however aren't willing to spend a small fortune to get one (and have a budget of $300), then this is the perfect article for you. It can be difficult (and often rather daunting -- especially for first time Espresso machine buyers) to try and figure out which Espresso machines offer real value for money, and others that are just dressed up in marketing 'fluff' & 'hype'. But here, such buyers are in luck --  the following is a showcase of some of the very best espresso machines on offer --  Espresso machines that can provide you with a 'real value for money deal' in the current market of 2012, all for under 300 dollars.

CitiZ D120 Automatic Espresso Maker & Milk Frother by Nespresso 

"The machine is brilliant." ( reviewer H. Simpson) -- From the highly regarded Nespresso, the Espresso machine -- CitiZ D120 is regarded as one of the 'best value for money' on the market today. The D120 is lavishly designed to fit into most people's kitchen and will stand out  looking like a top of the range kitchen appliance, but the D120 is not just a pretty Espresso maker.

The 1710 watt espresso machine quickly (around 30 seconds) serves single based 'café' style coffee through its 'unique' system designed especially for coffee-capsules. The D120 perforates the capsules whilst soaking the coffee to allow for optimal filtering -- along with a 19-bar pimp to allow the 'thick golden crema' that surfaces the espresso. Moreover, it comes with a built in Aeroccino that allows for a range of coffee drinks to be made at the hit of a button -- as well as coming with other desirable features from an Espresso machine such as 'volume control' to that of an 'energy saving' mode.

CitiZ C110 Espresso Maker by Nespresso

"The CitiZ [C110] Nespresso machine is a beautiful, simple, small and well designed espresso maker" ( reviewer D.G.Lebryk). A smaller 'retro' distant cousin of the D120 is the C110, certainly a great automatic espresso machine in its own right. Again, beautifully designed to make any kitchen owner proud, and not only this, it does a great job too!

Powered at 1260 watts, the C110 provides many of the specifications and workings of that of the D120 such as the filtering system and 19-bar pump. Moreover, it offers many of the 'additional features' as well such as the automatic flow stop, easy to remove drip tray etc.

Kmix 15 Bars Pump Espresso Maker by De'longhi

"Solid and attractive build, user-friendly, and excellent brew" ( reviwer M. Jordan) & also happens to be my personal favourite -- Insert Edit: At the 33% discounted price of $449.99 to under the $300 budget at $299.95 (on, I have opted to include the highly regarded and reputable De'longhi Kmix espresso maker. Available in a range of colours, the Kmix will stand out handsomely in anyone's kitchen. 

The brew aint half bad too. With beverages being heated up quickly -- as well as the Kmix simply producing great coffee, the De'longhi Espresso maker has to offer itself as a great value compact espresso machine in many people's books -- especially for the price at under 300 dollars.

C100T Essenza Single-Serive Automatic Espresso Machine by Nespresso

"I really, really really love the espresso this machine makes" -- "Swiss perfection" ( reviewers - E. Murphy & S.Morgenstien). Another Nespresso? Just proves they know what they are doing, when it comes to making Espresso makers. The compact C100T is easily the cheapest of the range coming in at under $200, as well as being the smallest (great for those who are a bit more space conscious) however is certainly worth its value. Where it incroporates a similar unique extraction system to the other Nespresso machines (C110 and D120) for specially adapted for capsules, just simply on a smaller scale. A really great little Espresso maker well under the $300 mark.

Which is your favourite to buy and why? Let me know in the comments box below, and if you have any questions or remarks regarding the best espresso machines under $300 -- then please do make them also in the comments box.