I was just looking for the best padlock that can’t be cut easily to use on the storage unit my wife and I just rented out.  I had never owned a storage unit and quite frankly I had never needed a high quality padlock so I had a bit to learn. 

Most space rental companies and storage facilities have helpful staff members on hand who are quite knowledgeable in this area so I spoke with the manager and she told me that regarding all the various padlocks her company sold and had to deal with on a regular basis the thick steel shackles were by far the hardest to cut through and those with high quality steel boy armor otherwise known as a steel shroud were very secure.

Kryptonite 850434 70mm Round Stainless Steel Padlock
Amazon Price: $19.99 $15.00 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 20, 2016)

Of course there are countless options consumers have when buying padlocks with keys but without going overboard in quality, size, price, or security one of the best all around everyday padlocks which are very hard to cut and very hard to pick are the disk shaped keyed padlocks by Brinks.

Disk-Padlock-That-Cant-Be-CutThis Brinks discus padlock with key is quite affordable and can be found for $10-$15 each or in packs of two for a little over $20.  It obviously isn’t the cheapest padlock around but with a steel shackle that is thick and very resistance to bolt cutters it’s hard to find a better padlock that will keep your belongings secure.

Master lock makes some excellent locks as well in both the standard padlock square shape and the round lock shape as well but what it comes down to is the steel used in the lock and this Brinks lock is about as good as they come for our needs.

The customer reviews of this lock over on Amazon give credence to our research as the customers reiterate exactly what the proprietor of our local self-storage facility said – they are great pad locks to enhance your storage facility security without resorting to significant security enhancements.  And considering they only cost a few dollars more than cheaper keyed pad locks and combination locks they should be worth it for most people with average security needs.

Of course with a discus lock you won’t be able to use this lock for everything but if you stick to the name brand and always look for thicker steel shackles and shrouded or armored locks you should be a little more secure for a nominal extra cost.