When people consider making money around the web they generally hear tales about online surveys for money. However, some of the best money-making websites are writing personal assessments of a number of things people find on the web. Freelance writers with quality skills in creating content will make great extra income writing reviews for money from these online companies.

This is a terrific overview of these sites and expanding your knowledge about them will help you decide whether they are a good fit for you and your freelance writer skills.

Many people will look at the reimbursement for each piece of work as the ultimate choice with which company to work for. Do not let this be the only piece of the pie that lets you make up your mind. There are other reasons to consider before you begin.

Consider your writing strengths, your weaknesses, the editor support you will have, the time you will dedicate to the venture as well as how much work you have to do for how much pay you will receive. All of these joined together will aid in making an informed decision which will play a large role in whether or not your business investment will be successful or not with writing online reviews for these various companies.

SharedReviews - Products and Services

This particular company has an interest in looking for workers to develop content for products as well as services. They are not unique in this regard, but this is one of those companies is better than most. Some are better than others for many reasons and this one does have a better track for a number of reasons.

Companies with a large variety of categories is wonderful for newbies. This is a plus for Shared Reviews. This is a site for nearly every product or service in the web marketplace a writer can produce an assessment for. Use a candle or buy Bamboo sheets lately? If so, you will earn a couple of dollars for what you thought of your purchase at this website.

Imagine how much extra money you can make simply rating everything you purchase every month in household cleaning products. What did you think of last month’s laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent or that new scent of body wash? Write an opinion about these and get paid for it. You do not have to necessarily make an additional cash investment to do the work.

SharedReviews has distinctive classifications of products and services writers use to generate their material. These include; entertainment, automotive, finances, business, culture, lifestyle, family, health, home, sports, technology and travel.  Not only is analysis and evaluation material included for categories, but there are also how-tos, recipes, news and more on this site.

Joining is easy and really quite simple. Craft a profile, acquire a writing group and use your skills to manage a technique for evaluating through 50 distinctive levels of writing platforms found at this web place. Publishers have described it as fun and challenging as well as a diverse publishing arena.

You must have personal experience using each one of the items you rate and analyze. A special online template for each assessment makes constructing evaluations easy. There is a large support base from editors and the writing community. There is lots of communication, encouragement and help from fellow writers.


You will earn money for your comments with this business with a shared advertiser commitment. Ads are beside every review and earnings for advertisements share 50/50 with writers. Anyone that joins also makes money when they rate content created by other members. Voting on another member's feedback lets you share in more income with SharedReviews.

Although it has been up and running for some time, now they are only allowing confirmed Beta Testers to login. An announcement will be on their blog when it is open for all authors to login after changes and updates are done.

Payment is monthly through PayPal without a minimum amount.

Although originally open to anyone with an interest to join, the company has moved to become invite only.

SoftwareJudge - Software

SoftwareJudge has a title that is self-explanatory. Anyone with a viewpoint, positive or negative, is able to format written material for a piece of software they have personally used or sampled. Simply enter your opinion for reimbursement.

This is a great place to find information for any new software you have an interest in discovering what a user thinks of it. These are really straight talk opinions with nothing held back which the company deems valuable enough to pay up to $50 for personal points of view for software.

Categories include; design and photo, internet, software and development, audio and MP3, home and education, web authoring, utilities, video and DVD, business and finance, desktop enhancements and games.

The site is fairly simple to navigate and easy to join.  Some of the software has hundreds of member evaluations, while others only 20 or 30 opinions. The analyses include not only a personal judgment of it, but also pricing, along with a five-star rating system.

Members can join free and must give original quality material. Submit a max of three a day which adds up to an extra $150 a day. You get paid only for reviews of software actually tried or used.

Editors for Software Judge are not overly supportive. If you do not have a lot of experience in writing a software review, you may want to skip this one. There is no easy template to follow and the payment is based on the editor's opinion of your viewpoint. Therefore, a novice fashioning an incomplete or shallow piece will be disappointed in not receiving the $50 for the hard work they invested. Creators which are familiar with this material will do well and spend a fraction of the time constructing ideal works of art for software reviews with quality material worthy of $150 or more each day. 

Techies who use software routinely will do extremely well. Remember, you have to a real user before you build your review. Are you ready to spend the money on the software and write about it with the chance you may or may not get paid the big bucks? What if you do not need or want it?


Payment is with freebies to some of the best online contributors. Cash payment is also made in one of two ways. The account must have a minimum of $200 for a Western Union payment. Any account with at least $20 can select a piece of downloadable software purchased on your behalf by SoftwareJudge instead of cash. The downloadable software monetary value must equal the amount in your account. The only exception is they will not buy anything from eBay. If you do not want to buy software, they will send cash after $200 is in your account.

CarrotReviews Websites

CarrotReviews is another arena that pays to produce a personal assessment of a website for cash.  One of the best thing about crafting material for this business is the terrific template provided. Brief comments and a drop down menu make the process quick, easy and painless. Overall the total activity takes about five minutes which isn’t bad for earning more money to put in your pocket.

 You must personally use everything you write about. A verification system will make certain a merchant’s product or service used in a written appraisal was actually used. An online reference or order id verifies this information.

CarrotReviews is limited to websites only. This makes them different from other companies that offer products and services. Get ready to have an email account full of spam since you have to verify you are using a websites product or service. In nearly all cases verification is signing up on the web page with a name, address or email account-usually all three.

Signing up for sites takes time, cleaning up email takes time. Many reviewers investing in this type of company will create an email account specifically for the business end of things. This way if you get too overwhelmed you can close it. Additionally, you do not have to search through garbage to find your important pieces of personal email.

It is difficult being the first person to discover a website and form an opinion. Even with the low payment option, having a template makes the work extremely easy and fast. Novices and veterans alike are able to work with CarrotReviews.

In order to make the extra monies offered, community participation is a must. You need ratings from fellow members as well as editors.


Personal comments and view points pay with a system of $3.00 for the first person to give a critique of a particular website and $1.00 for later critiques of the same site. The site has a rating system for work. Additional monies of $10.00 are an option for any content rating +50.

Writers get the extra $10.00 with a specialized rating system. Readers read each appraisal and rate it. Getting good member ratings from the community means earning more money with CarrotReviews. Visitors as well as fellow members take part in this system to help writers earn the $10.00. Producing wonderful quality material with relevant information will earn you more money.

RateitAll - Everything

RateitAll hires writers to produce opinions on nearly anything.  Categories for RateitAll include; assessing movies, television, celebrities, everything internet, games, electronics, automotive, travel, food, drink, beauty, health, pets and more. They even include toys and tobacco. How about an opinion on anything military or Green? With nearly 3 million things to rate and write about they have an enormous database of info. Everyone that joins discovers something to write about.

As well as submitting evaluations, you can also generate Top Ten Lists for these categories. Some members have even made categories that rate US Presidents or Top Ten Lists for US Presidents. You can even add to another writer’s list for earnings.

RateItAll differs from other online rating or review locations on the web because they cover everything, literally. Additionally, the sharing information is in a news feed format. This lets members subscribe to reviews and topics with RSS.

This is a big plus for the company. You do not have to have a specific expertise in a category, but if you do-you will certainly find it with the number of options to write about. You do not have to buy or personal try anything you discuss. Additionally, creating Top Ten Listings is similar to forming regular freelance writing articles which is wonderful. This is probably one of the best review sites for beginners to get started to hone their skills.

Engagement with the community is extremely high for RateItAll. Expect to spend a lot of time with other members. You will not earn with a personal payment system based on editor analysis, but member participation and shared ad revenue are your income.


Earnings are based on creating evaluations and participation in the community. Participation includes reading other member examinations of RateitAll categories and adding content to existing analyses. Even creating a member profile will make more money online for you. Google AdSense advertising revenue sharing is how to make money with this review spot.

Members earn 50% of advertising revenue generated by pages created. Payment is through PayPal with regular terms of service that AdSense has for minimum monthly payment amounts.

UserTesting - Websites

Members that join UserTesting make an evaluation of a website for money in a new and creative way. Webmasters want websites tested and video recorded. When a demographic of a tester matches a webmaster's target audience an opportunity is available for a paying job. They want their URL scrutinized for usability and a user to report their findings to them and UserTesting will pay handsomely for doing so.

There is a unique way of performing an evaluation or website test. Download software from the site to a member’s computer. This software records a video of a tester’s movements at a designated URL.  Where a mouse is moving, keystrokes and clicks are all noted along with a spoken record of comments while surfing the site. All of these go together for a performance evaluation. Webmasters paying for the service want a fast internet connection on a new computer for video recordings that are at least 15 minutes long.

Reviews shared around the web have admitted this is one of the best review writing gigs available. Testing websites and examining the strengths and weaknesses is wonderful. The downside is loading software to your computer and recording your voice while viewing or surfing the URL. A recording of 15 minutes doesn't seem like an extremely long time, but it could be.

The biggest disadvantage is the work is not guaranteed. Remember, they match you with a URL that will work with your knowledge, know how and ability among other things. This means the pay is not driven by you, but by the editors managing the service and other factors.


After making a video, four quick questions will need an answer to receive  $10 for each recording or appraisal. Payments are via PayPal to testers.

In conclusion

These are places around the web that pay great money for assessing websites, products, services, software and just about everything else found online. When a writer contemplates making money online writing reviews, consider these great sites. Look carefully at the advantages and disadvantages of each one before deciding where to invest your time and service. Some even ask you to invest your money. Is the return worth it?

There are track records to support a number of writer’s personal opinions of each one of these. You will find what they personally feel and think of each around the web. Check them out and leave your own eval as well after trying these out. Reviewing these could even increase your income, depending on where you leave a viewpoint or opinion. Donating one to one of these sites could earn you a few extra dollars.

you can make terrific money simply providing your personal view point