Having back pain can be a major annoyance. It can make you feel like you are unable to do even the easiest tasks. The important thing to remember is to stay active. Don't over do it, but try to keep doing normal activities. Prolonged bed rest can weaken the back. Some simple exercises can help you to reduce the pain in your back.

It is important to keep strong buttocks and abdominal muscles when treating back pain. Strong abdominal and buttocks muscles can help to relieve stress from the spine. Poor posture or weak muscles can be a big reason for back pain. When exercising be gentle, but remember to keep these muscles strong.

Short walks are a great way to keep the body healthy. They can also help to strengthen the back. This is also a great way to warm up before exercising. You may start with a short walk and build up from there. It is important to warm up before exercising. This helps to loosen up your muscles. Taking a warm bath or shower before exercising can also help. Riding a stationary bike is a great way to warm up as well.

Warm water exercises are an easy way to start improving your back. The warm water helps your muscles to relax and makes it easier for you to move. Stretching is also a great way to improve your back muscles. You may wish to do stretches every day or every other day. Every other day is the suggested amount for stretching so your muscles can have a day in between to relax.

An easy way to stretch before exercising is to do the Shoulder Back Arm Stretch. With this stretch you stand with your feet slightly apart. You put your shoulders back and stretch your arms up high. You should feel a gentle pull on your back muscles. If it hurts badly then stop. 

Sit ups work great for tightening the abs and buttocks, but this may not be possible for you if your back is hurting. A great alternative for this is to do Wall Sit ups. To do this you stand against the wall as straight as you can. Lift your hands up above your head straight. Pull your stomach muscles in. Inhale. Hold for five seconds. Then exhale, lower your arms and release the stomach. Do this exercise a few times. It will help all the muscles that need to be strong in order to support your spine. This will help your back.

The Pelvic Tilt is another good, easy exercise for your back. Lay down on a mat with your hands at your side and knees bent. Raise your pelvis a little off the ground. Hold for a few seconds then lower. Do this exercise a few times. It will strengthen all your core muscles. The core muscles are the back, buttocks and abdominals.

The Basic Spinal Twist is another exercise to try. Lay down on a mat with your knees bent. Stretch your arms at your sides. Slowly lower your knees to one side. Hold for fifteen to thirty seconds. Then lower to the opposite side. Do this a few times. 

Some other exercises to try are the Cobra, the Cat, Chest Stretch, Side Stetch,Side Waist Stretch and Knee Chest. These exercises are made to target the core muscles which will strengthen your back. Be sure to start out easy. If the exercise hurts, don't do it. Start gradually and then add to your routine. Eventually these tips will help to reduce the pain in your back. Remember, some bed rest is good, but not too much. You can will have a better life with less pain if you try these simple stretches and exercises.