Weight Loss

Losing weight is an extremely challenging thing to do, especially with the increasingly misleading and confusing information you seen through the news and internet. This article will attempt to simplify the process of weight loss and show you specific exercises that you can do to help you on your way to becoming healthier. 


First of all, the science behind weight loss is actually very simple. There aren't magic weight loss pills that will cause you to lose 100 lbs in a few months, and there isn't any magic machines you see on infomercials that are going to make you lose weight fast while not changing your lifestyle habits or eating habits. 

Weight loss is a committment that you have to dedicate time and a lot of energy to. Weight loss comes down to one thing: you need to consume fewer calories than you spend in a day. That means that you must not only alter what you eat and how much you eat, but you also have to increase how many calories you are spending in a day.

Buying a gym membership costs money, which will often help motivate people to continue going to the gym, simply because they are paying for it. However, it is also possible to get a great workout at home using resistance bands or buying your own dumbbells. 

Reasons to Lose Weight

There are an unfathomable number of benefits that exercise and weight loss have on the body. I could list off 100 benefits and not even scratch the surface of its benefits. 

When looking to ose weight and start exercising, it is important to make an effective workout routine and to stick to it. Set both short-term and long-term goals for yourself that are realistic and attainable. But most importantly, when you are setting the goal of weight loss, your goal should be to be healthier overall and not to just try to look good.

Although a healthy person is more attractive to the opposite sex than an unhealthy person, exercise and weight loss will also greatly reduce and in most cases, eliminated your risk for chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease. 

Weight Loss
Credit: http://www.predatornutrition.com/blog/2012/04/16/maintaining-long-term-weight-loss/

How to Do It

Now that you have decided to lose weight, its time to get started. It is important to understand that although cardio exercises are great at creating a calorie deficit that leads to weight loss, you must also engage in resistance training to help gain muscle mass that will make it easier to keep the weight off, as well as increase your quality of life. I have many articles about various streight building exercises that you can check out on my profile. 


Most gyms have many cardio machiens that you can make use of to start burning calories and get active. 

The Elliptical

Credit: http://www.oneshotfitness.com/elliptical-machines/endurance-e400-elliptical-trainer-with-adjustable-stride/

The elliptical is a great machine for losing weight and burning calories, and will ease the impact on your joints compared to jogging. 

The Row Machine

Row Machine
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The row machine is another great machine that is used to burn calories. It requires force production from basically every muscle in the body and is great for toning the whole body.


Credit: http://www.aquaforceswimmingclub.com.au/Club_Races.php

Swimming is an incredibly exhausting exercise that will give you amazing results in the calorie burning department. It requires the use of every joint and every muscle in the body to propel yourself through the water, meaning that it will incinerate calories. 


Remember to check out my profile for various routines and explanation of resistance training exercises and be sure to incorporate them into your exercise routine for maximum fat loss results, plus the ability  to keep the weight off. 

Hopefully this article has given you an idea about how to go about weight loss, and hopefully it motivated you a little to get out there and get active.