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In the evolving world of Facebook Group growth and development, only a small handful of Facebook Groups are fortunate enough to be included in such a prestigious list amongst their hopeful peers. Whether these Facebook Group creators have created their groups with the sole intention of being simply a meeting ground of shared thoughts, opinions, and ideas, or they have created their Facebook Group with the primary intention of making money (as I have detailed in my numerous hand-written articles, in my own Personal Facebook Experience), there are a variety of factors that I have considered prior to inclusion of any one particular Facebook group into this list.

Rest assured, this list is reserved for only the best of the best.

While a variety of factors, and criteria, can be used to judge whether a Facebook Group is "Great", because of the mildly limited functionality of the Facebook Group platform, it is difficult for a Facebook user to not be enthralled by the immediate appeal of a Facebook Group's membership total. Oftentimes, this number alone will determine whether or not a Facebook user is ready, and willing, to join a Facebook Group, regardless of it's title or ability to unify massive amounts of Facebook members under one, general, unifying theme. Even though not presented in any particular order, the following list of Facebook Groups have mastered this art to the tune of thousands upon thousands of captivated members.

1) the 'I Use My Cell Phone to See in the Dark' Facebook Group: With over 720,000 current Facebook Group members, this Facebook Group has managed to delicately tap into a basic theme that is familiar to almost everyone. With exception to a few random, scattered, tribes in Africa, the cell phone has become a paramount hallmark of today's society: a society that valCell Phone Facebook Groupues open communication and transparency. Founding a Facebook Group around a concept that is generally familiar to most people was ingenious. If the founder of this Facebook Group was particularly interested in making money from his/her endeavors, this group will provide a tremendous viral potential that could be leveraged towards gaining significant exposure towards his/her brand.

For those with marketing, and advertising, intentions, this ingenious Facebook Group can serve as an immediate example of how one creative, generalized, theme can serve to rally people, and exert an influence over Facebook's 300,000,000+ users in a way that ultimately benefits you, your company, or your organization and venture. Note to Info Barrel Users: You can create a Group similar to the 'I Use My Cell Phone to See in the Dark' Facebook Group, and leverage it in a way that will assist with gaining exposure to your Info Barrel articles! Read my articles, in the right column of this article page, to find out how!

2) the "Petition to Ban Homework" Facebook Group: Much to my surprise, the idea Ban Homework Facebook Groupof homework doesn't seem to be generally accepted to by our society. While one can debate this issue to no end, this Facebook Group has clearly taken a formidable position on the issue. With over 1,000,000+ current members, this Group is yet another example of how a generalized theme can serve to unify a massive population under a common cause. As each new member joins this group, they are immediately allocated an awesome opportunity to send mass invitations to all their friends. From a Facebook Group creator's standpoint, the goal here is to be as convincing as possible with their chosen Group's LOGO, and Group description. If YOU are ever interested in making a group as successful as the "Petition to Ban Homework" Facebook Group, you must take full advantage of all the functionality that the Facebook Platform afford you!

3) the "I Bet I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who Hate Cancer" Facebook Group: As a trained nurse by profession (Yes...I'm a Male), I found this Facebook Group particularly appealing and will openly admit that I am a devout member of this group. As a horrible horrible dCancer Facebook Groupisease that has plagued the lives of many, this Facebook Group has successfully rallied over 1,500,000+ worldwide users around a general, common, theme. If I had to register a guess, because of how widespread cancer is, many of those members have either experienced cancer first-hand, or have had the honor of caring for a loved family member or friend who has undergone this dreadful disease. NOTE: This is NOT the type of Group that you should try to leverage in order to exert an influence for monetary gain. You can, however, utilize several creative methods to raise awareness, and even money, for related deserving charities. In a similar way, I have utilized my own personal Facebook Group to do the same.

4) the "10,000,000 Strong for Our Troops" Facebook Group: Not only am I mentioning this Facebook Group because it is my own group, but my trusty team of admins, moderators, and myself, have been able to successfully grow, and leverage, this group to do a tremendous amount of good. With thousands of returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, in a post-9/1Troops Facebook Group1 world, we have proudly displayed direct-clickable links to existing, worthy Military/Veteran-type Non-Profit Organizations. As this Facebook Group continues to grow Virally, to the tune of 300-500 new members daily, displaying these links is just one of the many things we have done to help raise money, and exposure, to these tremendous, worthwhile causes.

With the help of websites like SocialVibe, we have been able to essentially "team-up" to drive traffic to their website's venture in supporting well-known military Non-Profit charities like the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). At one time, for each new sign-up, to the SocialVibe website, they donated $1.00 to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. This provided a tremendous opportunity for us to utilize this group to drive traffic to their website, in hopes of securing sign-ups, if only to further secure the $1.00 donation. When all was said and done, our Group, alone, was responsible for hundreds of new Social Vibe Sign-Ups!

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