Facebook War Games

Facebook is rapidly becoming a great platform for simple fun games. The site has some nice online war gaming titles that you can play in your spare time that don’t take the dedication and time like titles such as Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 take. They are easy to play and you don’t have to pay for them unless you want premium content.  Game such as Empire and Allies, Battle Pirates, and War Commander are well worth checking out and playing.

Facebook Online War Gaming - War Commander

War Commander is one of the newest war based games you can play on Facebook. In this game you’ll get your own base to build up. You start by mining steel and oil for your growing base and armies. There’s infantry, mechanized, and air power already in the game. You can use mines and turrets to protect your base from attack and even place your infantry units inside bunkers when you’re attacked by other Facebook players or the NPCs that will harass you from time to time. War Commander is the latest game by Kixeye a growing Facebook game developer who made the popular backyard Monsters and Battle Pirates games. This is one title well worth checking out.

War Based Games - Empire and Allies by Zynga

Empire and Allies(71414)

 While most of Zynga’s games revolve around cute farming, Empire and Allies is a nice war game title. You collect a variety of resources such as wood, oil, food, and ore as well as some specialized resources you can get from Facebook friends and then build up your empire. The game features a great campaign where you can put your new troops up against the AI with a split-screen style match where the strength of your troops against the other team determines the winner. You can buy special power-ups or upgrade your troops in the game. You get infantry, mechanized, sea and aircraft in the game and there are always new units and game updates to keep Empire and Allies a fresh game experience. This is one Zynga game that is fun to play.

Online War Gaming With Army Attack

Army Attack

 Another great war based game on Facebook is Army Attack.  In this game you play against the AI or head to head against other players with the new vs mode. You have many different army units to buiuld such as tanks, infantry, and defensive units such as bunkers. The game map is covered in the “fog of war,” and as you uncover tiles you’ll discover more of the map, you’ll take quests and fight various NPC armies in the game. You can resupply your units and heal them with special supply crates as well as have Facebook friends send you items to help with the completion of structures in the game.

Galaxy Life War Game

Galaxy Life BaseCredit: Author image

Galaxy Life is a new Facebook War game by Digital Chocolate but it has huge potential. In this game you command creatures called "Starlings." Your job is to build up thier base to collect coins and metals. You have several different troop types such as infantry, air power and tanks. On the galaxy map you can choose game NPCs or other facebook players. Each base can be equiped with powerful turrets and wall fortifications for protection. Players can take part in a series of quests to gain rewards and progress through the game. Galaxy Life is one of the best new Facebook war games and well worth checking out.

Tank Fighter

Tank Fighter is  a Facebook war game where you control a tank against your freinds on Facebook. This is a fun game and well worth playing on Facebook. it's a simple game but it's fun and it will kill some time when you have nothing better to do.

Soldier of Fortune

This is an excellent war game on Facebook in which you control yuor own soldier and move around obstacles, room,s and other structures. You can use a wide variety of weapons against eh A.I. or other human opponents. This is turn based and you can only move so much before the other team takes it's turn. This isn't just random shooting you need to use some strategy in this game an dit's one of the newest and best Facebook war games yet in my opinion. This one is well worth checking out and giving a shot. You can use med packs, throw grenades, and use various armor pieces too such as helmets or jackets.

Other Facebook War Games

You'll find many other great Facebook war game ssuch as Kingdoms of Camelot, a medieval based game. There's grea war style rpgs with Mafia Wars, as well a smany others such as Backyard Monsters or the great Battle Pirates game from Kixeye. Another good war game is Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy.  Games on Facebook are maturing and you're going to soon see many 3D  style war games with the use of the Unity game engine. One of my favorite games on the site is Galaxy Online II a great sci-fi themed space based war game. There's plenty of great games on Facebook just don't expect console quality games but they are still fun. Happy gaming to everyone.