As fine lines on my face began to appear deeper and deeper, I went in search of the best facial filler 2013 would offer. I wanted to be able to use something that was safe and easy but also something that would provide results. 

Restylane was the first of my encounters. The U.S. began using it in 2003 and it performs best on smile lines, hollows under the eyes, plumping up your lips and forehead wrinkles. A numbing cream was used prior to the injections but I could still feel the pokes and stings especially around the lips. These injections lasted for close to six months which was impressive to me. Restylane is a great temporary filler that is perfect for special occasions such as reunions or weddings or anytime that you want to look your best and hide your age tracks. I loved the way it filled in all of the areas that I had that I felt were deep grooves on my face. 

I also checked out Perlane, this is made by the same maker as the Restylane, Perlane contains larger particles so it requires that the injections be a little deeper than the injections of Restylane. The larger particles make Perlane a better choice for the cheeks, the chin, the eyebrows and around the mouth area. I found that the Perlane should last about 12 months but that when it is used around the mouth area it may not last for those 12 expected months due to the movement of the mouth affecting the longevity of the product. Perlane works like a dough that you can mold and apply anywhere that you need it to go.

Another of the best facial filler products is Juvederm, which is made by the same company that makes Botox. Juvederm came out with Juvederm XC which contains lidocaine so that it can provide a numbing sensation when being used providing more comfort. I found that it worked best on wrinkles that were deep and on folds. It also performed well on my parentheses lines. The Juvederm treatment will last up to a year. I loved the way that the Juvederm worked  to make my face look naturally less flawless. 

The last of the best facial filler that I tried was the Radiesse, this filler is made with calcium that allows the skin to create new collagen and for collagen to continue to be produced. I found it was great for smile lines as well as for the areas on each side of the chin. Many have used Radiesse in their hands, it's great for making them look fuller and taking away the skeletal look. This product can also perform for up to a year to give me the younger look that I so want to have.