In the facial moisturizer product category men are often lacking in options. It's hard for most guys to identify the best facial moisturizer for men because there are rarely options available at most stores and men don't always know what to look for in a facial moisturizer in the first place. This of course is blanket statement and many men do not adhere to these generalities but in general a basic review of men's moisturizers is in order.

Your basic facial moisturizer for men has to fit the general qualifications that it does for women. A facial moisturizer should offer superior oil free moisturizing action coupled with SPF protection from the sun. For most men the face is the only part of the body that is exposed to the sun day in and day out. As men's clothing tends to cover more of the body the face in particular needs extra protection from the sun; especially because men are often working outside under the sun for hours at a time.

Additionally the best face moisturizer for men will also double as an anti aging product for men. There are many antiaging facial moisturizers on the market and most are design for women but some men's moisturizers also include retinol which is one of the best anti aging products for it's cost. Men's facial moisturizers tend to cost less than ten dollars for a good product. Adding retinol to the product however adds just a small increase in cost of approximately five dollars depending on the product you buy. It is worth it to buy a facial moisturizer with retinol too because the face takes the brunt of the sun's force and is one of the first areas of a man's body to show signs of aging. The small price to pay for a men's facial moisturizer with retinol is a worthwhile investment.

In my search for men's moisturizers I found that many generic facial moisturizers offered plenty of moisturizer with SPF but to get any of the added benefits of retinol or nay other type of anti aging additive you had to go for name brand well respected products. The best products have been time tested and well understood and respected for years and the companies that manufacture them will have long term experience in cutting edge skin care technology.

Of course identifying the best facial moisturizer for all men and all conditions is slightly subjective but the Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer is my personal favorite. It packs SPF 15, with a dose of retinol (vitamin A), and is a moisturizer made by a respected brand in the industry which is geared specifically for men's skin.

If you want to try this men's facial moisturizer you will have to get lucky in your local home care store as I was unable to find it in the first four stores I visited. Like many men's moisturizers and similar skin care products men's products are often hard to find which leads to a continued level of low men's knowledge in this area. To buy this or other men's moisturizers and skin care products you will likely have to shop online to get any kind of significant variety or option.