I never thought that we would see the day when male celebrities would be wearing just as much if not more makeup than their female counterparts. But that day is here with actors like Johnny Depp not only putting on their face but also sporting fake guylashes. It is just the newest trend in the metrosexual craze as more and more men find themselves spending their spare time getting lash extensions at the salon.

A big deal was made on American Idol about the Adam Lambert guylashes and whether or not he had artificial eyelashes for men. It is clear though that people in the public spotlight are spending more time focusing on areas that others would ignore when getting ready for their daily routine. When you think about it lash extensions really make sense though because usually when speaking to somebody you are looking into their eyes.

Many fans often wonder if Adam Lavine guylashes are actually long artificial eyelashes as well. It is just common place for people to look up to the celebrities in our country and try to follow their examples. Some people see his status and want to obtain that level for themselves so they will do whatever in an attempt to reach the top. But some of us just want to have the newest trend like lash extensions to show off to our friends.

So where can you go to buy guylashes? Well believe it or not they actually make artificial eyelashes for men. You can find them at most places such as salons that sell beauty products. It really all depends on your intentions because if you are looking at getting into the business of selling them then they can be bought in bulk online. But on a personal level smaller units of lash extensions are available in most stores.

The big thing is taking care of them in order to make them last as long as possible in order to get your money worth from the product. That means that fake guylashes and  artificial eyelashes for men in general are to be treated the same as ones for females. This means that when you take a shower you need to cover them with a washcloth to keep the soap and shampoo from wearing away the adhesive. Because I'm sure that you don't want to be constantly going and spending good money.

But how much do these fake guylashes cost at the salon? Well that really depends on the grade, the salon and the region. In some of your wealthier areas with high level lash extensions you could be looking at spending upwards of $1,000. Then again on a cheap scale I've heard of people that do artificial eyelashes for as low as $40 and will come to your home.

So if you want to get fake guylashes like the ones seen on Johnny Depp or Adam Lambert then go check it out at your nearest salon. Who knows you may even be able to find somebody who will come to your house that does artificial eyelashes for men. I personally know a couple of people that make a good part-time living going out and doing lash extensions.

Adam Lambert Guylashes
Credit: Wikimedia Commons