mdconaldsBurger King: When you eat at burger king you know you will have to pray and ask for forgiveness. Those whoppers are almost unreal. The whopper alone is evil, then, they give you the double and triple whopper with cheese. If you have a big family that has gluttonous tendencies, that is the place to go. Don't do this on a weekly basis as your health bill might become huge. Michelle Obama will not be happy if you were to have a weekly subscription to Burger King. She is currently on a mission to stop child obesity. I don't know how she is going to overturn such a glorious way of life. Anyway, that is another story.

McDonalds: Kids just love McDonalds. Your parents used to take you there when you were younger and when you became parent, you might be too embarrassed to ask for a Happy. Hence, you take your children along. You pretend it is for them, when in fact you are the addict. Well, it is one of those trips that will get your children super charged and obedient for a while. The quarter pounder with bacon is the way to go. Once you've gulped that down with some French fries and soda, the only thing that will come to mind is, God bless America. That is out good an invention McDonalds has been. The BigMac equation beats Einstein's Energy equals mass times velocity squared

Taco Bell: When you step into a Taco Bell restaurant, you start to speak Spanish. That is how good it tastes. If you live in Arizona you might be thinking, I hope the new immigration law fails. Imagine if the Mexicans were to take all the tacos back to Mexico. What a sorry state Arizona will be. Anyway, let's get back to food. The real deal with Taco Bell is that you don't actually feel that you are eating a lot. Before you realize it, you've downed 2 burritos, 4 tacos and for dessert, quesadillas and soda. That is what is great about living the American dream with a Spanish Mexican flavor.

KFC: Like most people you think your mother is the greatest cook ever. Then, she makes the mistake of taking you to a Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food restaurant. You order one of those bucket combos. The sight of so many chickens staring at you can be daunting. As soon as you taste your first piece, that is it. You are hooked. If you've noticed, there is no way you could eat a KFC and keep your dignity. Some strange extra terrestrial force will over power you. You will dig into it like someone possessed. You only raise your head when the bucket is empty. This is a disgusting but delicious ritual. Sometimes I wish I could work at KFC. I guess I would spend most of my time romancing those chicken strips. I will not get much in the way of work done. When it comes to chicken, your mother doesn't stand a chance. You might even begin to think you've wasted so many years eating what you thought were real chicken. Don't blame KFC; blame your mother for not enlightening you earlier.

Pizza Hut: God please the Italians for coming up with the idea. I bet you didn't even know there was something called "stuffed crust". Well thanks to Pizza Hut, you have the divine pizza crust that you can never reproduce at home. To the uninitiated, you thought there was only two ways to have your pizza dough. Well welcome into the light. Let us educate you. You have "deep pan", "thin and crispy" and "stuffed crust". Don't worry about the technicalities, just think, history in the making or greatness. You can have it your way by going Hawaiian or BBQ. By the way, BBQ is not a country or a location. Every slice is a new experience. You feel connected to your inner self. This is not just eating, this is a religion and the more you practice the stronger your fat faith will grow.

Now you should all repent for reading this article. I am in no way advocating fast food but you know eating is one of those things that you can't live without. Jamie Oliver is currently trying to educate us about how bad fast food is. Until someone comes out with a better idea, will shall all still be addicted. You should ask yourself, why does everything that is supposed to be good for your health taste disgusting. Remember when you were a kid and you were given some medications that you really hate. Now, think about those cough syrups that you were given but some they tasted really delicious. You sneak behind your mother and drink two spoonfuls more.

Everything is about moderation and fast food is not your enemy. I should know, I grew up living off fast food. I am not saying I am proud of it, I am just saying that is the way it was and sometimes still is. There are those who are completely against fast food. They have their reasons but I don't particularly share their point of view. If you were really into healthy eating, you will probably stop eating all together. There is nothing natural about the fruits, water, vegetables and air we breathe. Everything has additives to it, either for preservation or to improve taste. Fast food is just for convenience because we mostly lead a busy life. Only a few people have the time to go to work, shop and at the end of the day start cooking. Why not just pop into a fast food restaurant and have your fill. Modern society is built on speed and fitting more than you can handle in any 24 hours cycle. Fast food restaurant are the realities of today, and they are here to stay. We know they are not the best, but we don't have a choice. The only thing we can do for now is learning to control and moderate how much we eat and what we eat.