If you are looking for the best Fender guitars you have many different choices.  You can buy the traditional American Standard Stratocaster, the popular Telecaster, a Fender acoustic, a Squier Stratocaster, and many other models.  The Fender guitar will give you many years of enjoyment.  Of course you're new guitar if it's an electric will need a good amplifier.

If you have the money a regular Stratocaster is a good choice or you might decide to buy one of the more expensive artist models.  If you are just starting on the guitar Fender offers many starter guitar packages which include either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar along with an amplifier.  These guitar packages also include some accessories but it varies depending on the package.  The electric package usually comes with the Squier Stratocaster or Starcaster model.  These packages make a good choice if you're a beginner.


As with the Stratocaster the Telecaster comes in many different artist models which cost more than the regular Telecaster.  Some of these models include James Burton Telecaster, the GE Smith Telecaster, and others.  The American Deluxe Telecaster is also a popular model but it's quite expensive.  For most players the Standard Telecaster is a good choice since it retails for around $700 dollars.  For just less than $1000 dollars you can buy one of the Classic Series Telecasters.  Fender also produces the Classic Vibe Telecaster which is also a good price at around $600 dollars.  There are many different models that will suit your guitar playing style.


Fender American Standard StratocasterCredit: Amazon

For those who want to spend more money you can look at the many artist models.  Some of these models include the Eric Clapton Stratocaster, the Jeff Beck Stratocaster, the Eric Johnson Stratocaster, and other similar models.  Of course these Fender guitars will cost more than the regular stgandardcStratocaster guitar model.  There is the classic 50s model and the classic 60s model which retail for around $1000 dollars.  The American Standard Stratocaster is a great choice for most players do to its value at around $700 dollars.  Of course the price of this guitar does very and you can get one or much less.  For a bit more you can get a Standard Stratocaster with a locking tremolo.

Acoustic and other Models

Fender also makes acoustic guitars which are a good choice.  For beginners they have a dreadnought which retails for around $400 dollars.  You can also buy a cut away acoustic for easier playing at the higher frets.  They have many models which retail between $500 and $900 dollars.  These are decent prices when it comes to an acoustic guitar.  They also sell a nylon string guitar which sells for $800 dollars.  They have banjos, an acoustic bass, and a resonator guitar to suit other playing styles.  While Fender sells acoustic guitars they are more well known for their electric guitars.

The Best Fender Guitars

It is difficult to determine the best Fender guitars because the company makes so many good models.  These guitars are perfect for country, blues, rock, and other guitar styles.  For heavy metal guitar styles you don't usually see a Fender guitar being played with the exception of a few bands such as Iron Maiden and a couple of others.  You can still get some great rock sounds out of these guitars.  For most people the regular Stratocaster and the regular Telecaster can be considered the best Fender guitars.  They do make some nice acoustics but nothing can beat a great sounding Stratocaster or the twang of the Telecaster.  As a guitar player you have the ultimate decision as to the best Fender guitars that will work for you.  Look for the new Roland G-5 VG Stratocaster made with help from Fender coming soon. This guitar features built-in tuning, and other guitar sounds it's a very nice Stratocaster and one of the new Best Fender style guitars.