Are you using the best fishing bait when you go pier fishing? Here are some signs you may be using the wrong thing: 

  • The person next to you catches fish, but you can not 
  • The people on your side of the pier catch fish, but you do not
  • As you leave the pier, you see coolers full of fish, but yours is empty! 

It is an embarrassing and disappointing situation when you are the only one without a good catch. Rectify the situation. Make sure you are using the best bait.

Different types of fishing require different types of bait. The most common for saltwater pier fishing is cut-up bait, whether it is live or artificial. Squid, bloodworms, minnows, and articial bloodworms (fish bites) are some examples.

Squid - The Best Fishing Bait for Many Fish Frozen Squid

Squid is common cut-up bait. You can buy squid in a grocery store, a tackle shop, or on the pier; but I find it cheaper at the grocery store. People buy squid live or frozen. I prefer frozen because there is less of a mess. Just pull it out the package, cut it, and place it on the hook.

Fishermen use squid most of the time because it lures various types of fish. This bait attracts roundheads, croakers, and flounders which are some of the best saltwater fish to eat.

Bloodworms  Bloodworm

Bloodworms are live bait. These worms are a pinkish red. When cut, a red fluid comes from their bodies, which renders the name bloodworm. These wigglers move even when they have been cut into pieces. Most bait and tackle shops ell bloodworms. Some convenience stores near the fishing piers in Virginia supply them too. Bloodworms are used to catch spots.

Artificial bloodwormsArtificial Bloodworms 

Artificial bloodworms are a substitute for using the real wigglers. They are pinkish in color which covers mesh that helps for holding it on the hook. An advantage to using artificial bloodworms is there is no mess putting it on the hook. Add this bait to your pier fishing tackle and you will not have to worry about them wiggling away. No fluids come out when you cut them either. Artificial bloodworms are used for catching spots.



Minnows are live bait. Some people raise their own minnows and others catch them. Bait and tackle shops sell them. Minnows are usually used to catch the big fish. Flounders feed off minnows.

If you want a good catch, make sure you use the best fishing bait for saltwater fishing. Enjoy!



Image: Artificial Bloodworms available at Amazon